Life is One Big Party and I Love the One I’m At!

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After going to see Iration and The Holdup bring down the house last Thursday (sorry no pictures or video…the only thing on my mind was enjoying the good time) a little birdie has won the battle in bursting my musical bubble. I’m not the biggest alternative type of rocker because personally, stop your whining, and wear jeans that didn’t come out of your sister’s closet, because I can not handle the majority of way too girly alternative rockers out there.

But, after some convincing…and hearing that reggae was “dead” by a certain group of people…I have fallen in love with this song. It’s pretty freaking awesome I must say, and makes me just want to jump up and down on my couch like a total air guitar hero in a pair of boxers, dress shirt, long socks and rayban shades. But anyways….I am yet again side tracked

Today was yet another day of being trapped indoors studying a beautiful day away so that I don’t end up failing my Econ final (fingers crossed! lol). But as I was studying, with numerous breaks, I decided to start thinking about the rest of my life…always a fun thing to do. As I was thinking I decided on the following (these are the highlights at least that you would all be super duper interested in…yes I just said “super duper”):

  1. I will graduate from Cal Poly and be one of the few females to walk across the stage to snag a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering
  2. I am going to take a web design class to make my own legitimate blog site where I can make way cooler themes and pimp it out like no other!
  3. I am going to find a way to get into the music industry! I don’t care if I am loading in gear and plugging in amps, I will find a way to get in there and leave my “Love&Rockets” stamp on the industry that maintains my sanity, and aides my happiness on a daily basis.
  4. I want to smile more, I feel like the only good times I had this quarter were on weekends; and that the week was just a dreadful experience of hating life and everything about it because one class was pulling me down.
  5. I want to meet new people who are “weird.” I know lots of weird people, they are my bestest of best friends….but I want and need more weirdness in my life. I need people who aren’t embarrassed to whip out ridiculous dance moves, who aren’t afraid of strange looks and people looking at them as if they are “losers.” Because life is way too short for you to walk around in constant fear that if you don’t wear the right thing, or don’t listen to the right music, or don’t act the “proper” way that your cool card will be snagged and forever ripped to shreads….cool cards are overrated.
  6. By the end of 2011 I want to be able to say that I went somewhere, that I conquered another part of the world
  7. I want to be able to do something that is just the epitome of “college”
  8. I want to be stupid and irresponsible
  9. I want to do something that would make my parents cringe
  10. Basically, I want to enjoy every second I have left on this earth and in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, because come 2 more years of school, I won’t be back in SLO unless I am one of the many tourists passing by the area :(

So yeah, there was other little things that I decided on for my little blasty of a life, but I have to keep some things a surprise right?

Enjoy the spring time beauty (if you are lucky enough to have it) and don’t forget to smile and let your inner weirdo out to play; trust me, once you experience life as one of the weird, you’re never going to look back :)



“So When You’re Gone Baby I’m Not Gonna Miss You, I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

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Oh break ups…where would musicians be without the cycle of puppy love, world war three epic fight, then the “F you” break up song? This my friends, looks to be the end of the cycle for The Holdup.

“Miss You” wasn’t the exact song I was looking forward to them releasing as a preview of the upcoming album due out in late April, but it is slowly growing on me. Looping in with their signature dubby sound, and then blending in their lead singer’s uniquely whinny vocals, this song is literally THE break up song.

It really does speak the truth for both sides of the relationship (or in this case relation-shit…Dane Cook reference lol). If you find yourself with one of those guys/girls that just isn’t right, but you try and make it work because you think its just rainbows and gumdrops, it ALWAYS ends up like this!

I still can’t really decide what exactly The Holdup is. Well I know that they are a band (duh) but what can I really say about their sound?
Some songs you listen to and you are like oooh yeah, thank you for these dub sounds and reggae vibes; but then others you listen to (like this one for instance) and you are just left puzzled. So I guess really you just have to approach listening to The Holdup like the beginning of a relationship.

You find that first song that you know everyone with love, “Summertime Baby,” as your initial encounter.
You fall into “like -like” with the song, and immediately get to social network creeping…ie facebook profile, youtube, ect. (don’t lie to yourself now, we ALL go straight to facebook and snoop around at pictures and everything…let’s be honest!)

You listen to more songs, kind of like a first date, and then you can make your own opinion of them.

Because seriously, I think they are an extreme band; you are going to either LOVE them (I <3 them) or you are going to be wishy-washy stuck in the middle and not completely convinced. So I encourage you all to give them a chance. They are new, they are a mix of literally everything you could think of, and I am positive that no matter what, you will find at least one song that applies to your musical bubble best :)

Check ’em out at facebook and find that song that tugs at your musical heart strings and start your little romantical musical journey with The Holdup :)


Well, They’re Obsessed With Success…And They’re Kind of A Big Deal

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Who am I talking about you may be asking yourself right now, the answer to that question my friends is very simple: THE B FOUNDATION!

This weekend was so dubby and raging that I cannot even begin to describe it! But I think I will start with night number one of the Winter Blackout Tour in San Luis Obispo with my bFff Emily (duh).  Despite the rain, and cold, and very very VERY anticlimactic cheese quesadilla this show was going to be completely bonkers, and I would like to think I had a part in it :) See I may have suggested some awesome songs that should really be on the set list, and most of them made it on there and The B Foundation had the most ROCKIN’ show I have ever seen! But I’m getting ahead of myself because I totally and completely forgot about The Holdup.

Opening up the show, the San Jose natives looped in their dubby sounds and lit up the blacked out crowd with all of their big songs like “Alone With You,” “Summertime Baby,” “Good times,” “Drunk Texting,” and the song of the weekend “Obsessed With Success.” That song was on repeat all day and all week leading up to the show, and after this weekend (especially after hearing all of the silly remixes) I can say that my love for “Obsessed With Success” has been consummated and we need a little break. Other than that all of The Holdup’s songs were fantastical…just like they sound on the cd, and they definitely put on quite the rockin’ show :)

The Holdup :) "Alone with you, alone with you, kiss you on your neck baby that's all I want to do"

Now I know that this tour was a headlining Expendables show, but The B Foundation was who I was most stoked to see. I just love those four so much and just have so much respect for how much time they dedicate to their craft.

Even Justin Bieber showed up to see The B! lol

Drumroll now people…because I am about to go crazy in telling all of you lucky souls about how AMAZAZING The B Foundation’s set was; and I think all I have to say for the die-hard B fans to understand the epic-ness of this show is “they opened with ‘The Cure'”! Yeah, I know, I was beyond stoked! One of my favorite B Foundation songs! Those lyrics, and just the kick ass surf rock mentality of it was all I needed to be satisfied with their 1o song set list :) Thankfully the show didn’t slow down after the hard hitting opener…followed by songs like “Rincon,” “Too Damn Tough,”  “Belly Floppin,” “Go Away” (surprisingly no mention of a Dirty J look-a-like), “Dirty Girls,” and last but not least (that I can remember a week after the fact at least) is the new song sure to be the next big hit for these guys! I present to you all a teaser of The B Foundation’s rocking new song “Indo Addict”:

Another catchy, heavily rocking tune sure to be stuck in every audience member’s head; “Indo Addict” is just too perfect! The perfect blend of some reggae hints and goodies, and then the hard hitting guitar riffs and bassline remind you that you are not at a Trevor Hall show….you’re at a FERAKING B FOUNDATION SHOW and things are going to get sweaty!

And now some pictures of my favorite rockstars, doing what they do best….rocking people’s socks off at SLObrew!

Pat in those sweet 70's threads, and Jason over in the corner...not a fan of the set up this night :(

Tyler...guitar hero solos for days!

<3 my boys :)

Let’s just say…SLO will never be the same after that show! I swear there was a pit almost the entire show, people got really into the “when your licking my ass…” take on “Too Damn Tough” and all of my begging and pleading for a ROCKING show was rewarded with the most epic set The B has yet to put on! I mean if you don’t believe me, I’m sure there’s video of Pat jumping into the pit during the other new punk rock song (sorry…didn’t catch that title) while Jason and Tyler provided us all with a raging awesome guitar and bass hero jam session! And to top it all off, as if it wasn’t already amazing, Emily and I got our onstage shout out before the boys whipped another oldie but goodie that we requested “Deerpark and Madison” <3 <3 <3!!! Just epic…really that is the only way I can describe SLO night one of B Foundation greatness (well I guess onsie pj, indo boarding “Obsessed With Success” karaoke party would also describe it…but you had to be there)

After the greatness of a “rage all night” show in SLO and a wake up call thanks to The B Foundation’s favorite song, “Obsessed With Success,” Emily and I were looking towards a night of sleep and relaxation…JUST KIDDING we were in Narnia, JUST KIDDING we were in New York, JUST KIDDING we were Hollywood bound! For realz, we were Hollywood bound thanks to a certain magical fairy that was able to sneak us in on a list so that we could spend our Sunday night raging and rocking out just one more time with these 4 wild and crazy kids.

But the best part of all of Hollywood, was a reunion with our buddy and merch man extraordinaire Dave Hawes (who some of you might recognize as the Cast Away Tom Hanks look-a-like from The B Foundation’s “Too Damn Tough” video!)


It was nice getting to see a second show, especially being able to see the 4 B Foundation boys crush a sold out show at the great Roxy venue…not as loud and crazy as the night before in SLO, but then I am a little biased since I had a little say in the epic greatness of SLO’s set list :) Here are a couple more pictures of my boys rocking the stage together for the last time! I know Joe Fikany Jr will be a great addition to the band for the Spring Harvest Tour and beyond, but for now…here are the O.G. warped tour brothers from another mother rocking it as always on the Roxy’s stage in front of a sold out crowd!

Jason getting the crowd pumped...well we were pumped!

"and Jason playing that fat bassline that we wrote!" ~ Deerpark and Madison...duh!

Well, I had more, but apparantly the uploader is having a bad day and doesn’t want to play nice with me…that’s ok, I finally got some good pictures of Jason at this show…and those two are probably the best/coolest :) Anywho…..

You can’t really complain about life when you are with your best friend (and future roomie!!!! AHHHH so excited) and you get to see faces that make you completely forget about the stress and yukiness of reality. So excuse while I light this spliff and thank my B Found Homies for their awesome-ness (yes that was a reference to “Spliffed”…don’t hate on my corniness!)

Jason, Pat, and Ian!!!! You three are beyond awesome :) I love all of our inside jokes and silliness, and want to say thanks for all of the silly memories that allow me to laugh when I feel like school has taken over my life and turned me into a sad little robot! I can’t wait to see what the Spring Harvest Tour has in store with the new guitar hero that I am sure will totally rock everyone’s socks off!  <3 all of your goof ball faces and think that we should have more Holdup Karaoke nights when you come through SLO :) See you soon!

Tyler…YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Hands down the coolest kid I have met in my entire life, and probably the best kickline dance partner with the sweetest crazy knees dance moves :) I know that nothing but good will come to you in the future and Emily and I will be sure to realize our Chubby Salamander Bar dream so that you can start  it off with a lovely acoustic diddy :) And I mean I will see you January 1, 2012 at 5pm in Sedona, Arizona for the wedding…hahahahaHAHA I mean I have to be there since you are marrying my best friend and roommate!

And last but not least on my thank you list for the epic weekend is my bFff and other half to the dynamic duo…EMILY!!!! You are the “Eh Brah” to my “Party”…you’re so dubby, and are the only other person on this earth that will delay answering a phone call just so we can sing out the song for half of the chorus! Thank you thank you thank you for being my driving buddy, raging buddy, and bestest of best buds for our epic weekend of no school talk and pure fun :) ps…SLO is nowhere near ready for us to dominate next year :) SO EXCITED!!!

NOW IN CONCLUSION for all that are probably gagging from my cheesy but necessary thank you’s….

“Music is the key to my soul, that’s why I’m breathing” and The B Foundation will forever be one of many bands to provide those tunes I turn to to remind me of silliness and good times :)

And if you have never heard of The B Foundation before or are thinking right now “man I want in on this awesome raging party of fun” come to a date near you on the upcoming Spring Harvest Tour! I’ll be in SLO and hope to see lots of fellow B Found maniacs there!!!!

click to enlarge or check em out at

Until the next time when they rock my socks off yet again…

and just in case The B Foundation needs their fix…here it is….try not to sing too loud hahaha

Happy “Lonely Hearts Club” Day! – ugh I really hate Valentine’s Day

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#1 reason why today is my least favorite day of the entire year…it is just an annual reminder that I am a terminal member of the Lonely Heart’s Club.

Whatever, one year my outlook on this day of “love” will change; but as of now I am retaliating!

No makeup today, and this song on repeat thanking the lord that I don’t have to deal with this dreadful heartbreak “pissed off-I’m gonna key your car” feeling associated with the thing they call L-O-V-E.

The celestial Gods seem to agree with me that this “holiday” is not their favorite either, because they have made my day ten times better :)
It’s raining and gloomy, and it’s the 7th week of school. That means that I don’t have to have displays of affection constantly rubbed into my face walking to class (testing my gag reflexes) and most people have midterms, so Valentines Day this year has become what it truly is…just another Monday!

But in reality, why do we have to have just one day every year where you celebrate your love for your significant other? Shouldn’t that be done on a daily basis? Shouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day in a relationship? That point my friends, is exactly why I don’t like this day. I know you two love each other because I have to see it every other day of the year, you know you love each other, so why do I have to be reminded that I do not have someone sending me a valentine other than my fam? Bitter? No, I think most would agree with me on this one :)

With my midterm over, and the only really difficult thing left in my week being a lab, soldering, and the usual load of homework, life is getting better. And today I am my own Valentine :) I have chocolate, amazing friends, fantastical family, and you know what….I am alive and healthy; that is what I am celebrating!

I <3 ME! (in the most non self centered way possible)

So if you have a loved one, try not to get all mushy and gross today; because in reality, you should be treating them like you do this one day of the year, everyday. And if you are a fellow single member of the Lonely Hearts Club…retaliate! Don’t wear makeup, eat chocolate, buy yourself flowers and don’t give a shit, because someday we will all turn to the dark side and learn to love this day of love (barf, make me gag, I can’t believe I just wrote that).


Dear Bob,

February 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Thank you really cannot describe how grateful I am for all that you have done. In my life, the one constant that can clear all evil and negativity form my thoughts is music; and today, on your birthday, I would like to thank you for what you have started.

Reggae music is synonymous with your name, and every single one of your classic tunes are still sending positivity and peace through people’s speakers. Without you, non of today’s reggae, ska, or even some alternative bands would be in existence because you remain a musical idol and inspiration to this generation’s great artists.

I hope that you would be just as stoked as I am by all of the amazing artists, songs and genres that have branched from your inspiration. And today seems like the perfect lazy super bowl Sunday to blast my favorite song in remembrance of you, and in celebration of an icon’s birthday :)

Happy Birthday Bob!


“Cuz it’s Been a While, Since the Last Time I Smiled, and I’m Waiting For the Next Good Time” ~ The Holdup

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My life this quarter isn’t the usual good time with minor stress that it usually is. No, this quarter I have a class that I am almost positive I am going to fail, or if I pass it will just be because of the curve…which means that I will have a pass in the gradebooks, but it’s really just a fail in sheep’s clothing. It’s so bad that I as the tutor of athletes, has found a tutor for my sad sorry self! hahahahHAHAHA


But, whatever….at least I’m trying to be like whatever. I’m just going to keep trying hard, and hope for the best.

On a happy note though, this song is what makes me smile after a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG day of awfulness on campus. This band, I just can’t say enough good stuff about. Seriously though, I <3 them! The Holdup has the type of music that I can listen to them with my reggae loving soul, and my other friends (who are indie loving freaks) can listen to them and we can finally meet in a happy medium of a shared musical bubble :)

They’re sound could be considered something in every category/genre of music, and literally, everyone I know hasn’t had a bad thing to say about them after they’ve listened to that one song that resonates with them. This one is one of those that resonates with me…and makes me smile :)

Smile after my brain has been royally turned to mush, and do the truffle shuffle with Sheona to laugh off our girlish insecurities! Or make fun of each others made up face (aka the face you make when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror), and it’s safe to say that we are two peas that are stuck in the same wacky crazy kid pod :)

Listening to this song, I gain the ability to take a step back and realize that even though this one class is kicking my ass, life isn’t bad in any respect of the word. My country isn’t in social turmoil, my parents are still married, and my loved ones are all healthy; those are the important things in life, not one single class that isn’t even pertaining to what I want to do for the rest of my life.

WHOOOOOOOOOSAAAAAAHHHHHHH, deep breath in, exhale out, and wait and see how great the good times will be once you take the time to sit and enjoy the daisies :)


“Oh My God, That is STUPID Pretty!” ~ LJ

January 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

This week was a literal cluster “f-word” in my sad little engineering life! Fellow engineers understand, you have those quarters/semesters where your schedule is just gross, and well this quarter is one of those for me. I am in a straight programming class, and I hate it.

I didn’t come to college as a computer scientist, and had no intention on making a career on straight software and programming all day everyday for the rest of my life. I like programming when it is applied, to make hardware useful, that is the definition of being a computer engineer! So yeah, this class sucks, it’s hard, it stresses me out until the point when I burst into frustration induced tears in the library, and it has turned my positive outlook on life into a depressing pity party.

Well, the pity party needs to stop! After last week of being insanely stressed and allowing one class to take over my entire life, I am reevaluating my outlook on school. After having my Dad once again talk me down off of the ledge (basically telling me to snap out of it) I have come to realize that everyone is right, it is just a class. Life isn’t going to end if I fail, and I am going to be the only one disappointed if that outcome happens. SO, in conclusion….if I pass, RAD; if I fail, oh well!

And thank God for MUSIC and wonderful hilarious friends, because seriously they were my savior this past week.


Is my STUPID PRETTY friend LJ! hahahahaha
Along with my other hilarious friends, LJ and her taped nose make me laugh instead of cry when I am trapped in the library and feel like an idiot!

and this song:

Is my current obsession. It’s just so “summer” and brings back memories of my epic summer this past year :)

But for the remainder of Winter quarter 2011, I, Courtney Schenkl pledge to:

  1. No longer allow school to kick my ass
  2. Get a tutor and not feel unintelligent, and just get help so I can get through this class with understanding
  3. Make a point to laugh a good hearty LOL every single day
  4. Find a better way to vent my frustrations and stress
  5. Try and enjoy all of my other classes, and not allow this one class to kill my entire outlook on this quarter

I mean, we still have a whole lot of quarter left, and I am making sure that the last 6 weeks are going to be positive and less ridiculously stressful :)