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January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

So, I swear I don’t usually blog on this constant of a basis, but this here diddy had to be done! My mom was looking through old pictures for my little sister’s yearbook add since she is a big bad senior this year. If your high school was/is anything like mine was, every year the senior parents pay a hefty price to post some embarrassingly adorable baby pictures in the back of the yearbook along with a sweet message that always follows the form of “blah blah blah so proud blah blah blah good luck blah blah blah we know nothing but good things are in your future! Congrats Grad!” Well when we get closer to this momentous milestone in my little sister’s life I will be sure to write her a cheeseballin’ diddy on this here blog because yearbooks can catch on fire but the internet and this here blog will be here forever; but that is besides the point!

When looking through the old baby face pictures my sister sent me copies of her favorites, and well I just have to share them because damn…we were adorable little nuggets, and these made me smile today after 6 (count them 6!) hours of lab and having to listen to a recorded lecture on Y-Y Mulitphase Balanced Phases. So…

Step 1: Press play and join me in a good giggle at these baby face good memories of the good ‘ol days! Back when Barney was way cooler than Jersey Shore, and matching stretchy pants outfits were what all the popular kids in the sandbox were wearing :)

Me holding my little sushi roll :) Her words, not mine

Cute floral outfit Court, nice chubbs Kim! hahahaha

Pink Jellyz Sandals and White Lacy Socks...Classy Stuff Right There

First: I look like a little boy! Second: that face is "Jesus Mom put your camera away! I'm just feeding her!" Kim looks like she is thinking "why the HELL did they give her the bottle! Please find a more compitent feeder!" oh the good old days

Kimi is rocking the super CHEESE smile and I am a little more interested in my sippy cup and whatever is on my Little Mermaid Plate :)

I got my little sister at WalMart :) Best purchase I've ever made!



Dear My Beautiful Baby Swiss,

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hi there love! I miss you times infinity plus one and a bottle of rum!!! (arrrrrhhhhh matey!) I have no idea why I said that, maybe it’s because my facebook language setting is on English(Pirate) and all I see everytime I look on there is “so and so marked on your plank…arrrhhhh!” hahahhaa Ok so where should we start here?

Well, last year I told you about the story of how I met you the day after your very fist “birthday” (isn’t it technically your 0th birthday? strange) but this year I am going to tell you everything that I like about you. Don’t get creeped out now little swiss, I was inspired by this here youtube video to just stand on my counter (well really sit on my couch with my laptop) and shout out everything thing I LOVE about you on your 17th birthday!

So here it goes:

Kimberly Christine Schenkl YOU ARE GREAT! I like your face! I like your weird memories of obscure things that happened back when you were three that you seem to remember perfectly and in depth detail! I like your “good choose” and how you still stand by the fact that, that phrase is indeed proper English! I like you even though you steal all of my good comfy sweat pants! I like your awesome eyebrow waxing skills…even though I still think you had way too much fun out of causing me pain! I like your “artsy fartsy-ness!” I like that you were a prom queeen! I like that you are the only prom queen to ever leave Woodcreek that can kick major ass! I like that you’re a pro ass kicker…green belt…KIA!!! I like your mean awesome sense of humor! I like your grandma driving! I like your awesome GINGAH car! I like your “Kimi-isms!” I like your lyrics to Iration’s song “hmawhassa immma crossing that line lalamassa I was doing just fine!” I like your fat kid tendancies and our late night heffer runs! I like your monster hugs when I come back form school! I like that you are bomb.com (and I’m SO PROUD) that you are the HEAD Editor of the Yearbook! I like how you want to come to Cal Poly! I like that you agree with me that Jake (the dog not human) is a whiny little terd and that he shouldn’t get attention for his whimpers or gags-for-playtime antics! I like that you dance like a loser…when you’re with me at least! I like that you BUMP Passafire in your car in Rosevizzle! I like that you aren’t afraid to be the first person to laugh at yourself! I like how strong you have become as a person! I like how confident you are in yourself! I like it when you call me big PA-PPA! (sorry had to) I like that you don’t take my shit! I like that I can tell you anything! I like that you are a “tooter” because you work for Tootie Melon! I like how you are going to try and get unemployment for the mall burning down! I like that you like to LAUGH! I like it when I’m bored in my room and you come in and are bored with me! I like it when we go to target to be one with our people….the fellow losers of Roseville who have nothing better to do than go to target! I like that you are all grown up now! I like that you are such an amazing human being with a wonderful personality!

And to sum it all up….I LIKE YOU A LOT!!!!!!

I hope that year 17 brings you nothing but laughs, adventures, and amazing new experiences! I wish you all of the luck in the world on getting into whatever school makes you happy and I just really want you to know how ridiculously PROUD I am of you! I know that nothing but great things are in store for you for the rest of your future! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWISS!!!! Go get some Bawls and use your id to go see your first ever Rated R movie all by yourself!!!! I love you more than any other person in this world because you just know me. We have that weird sister brain wave function where we just know! I love love LOVE you!!!!!! …and I love our swiss adventures :)

...like raging in SLO for Iration!!!

...and the days of mullet hair cuts, tucking in our shirts and stomping through leaves!

So in conclusion, I was going to construct you an epic card of Courtney AWESOMENESS, but it wouldn’t make it to you untill like I came home. So, instead I dedicated this blog to you! Think of it as your very own viral birthday card :) And to complete this card I give you this very special swiss inspired happy birthday song!

Happy Birthday Swiss, blow out your candles, make a wish, and I hope all of your birthday dreams come true!


Day 9 – A Picture You Took

August 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ok people, now this is an amazing picture! hahahaha Not really Picasso, but it is quite fantastic!

Kimi and I went on yet another of our sister adventures to Winco to snag some delicious candy for real cheap!!! When we were walking out of the warehouse they call Winco, candy in tow, a huge truck with a pissy looking princess brushed right past my sweet Carolina (my car…remember I like to name cars!). I really didn’t care that yet another Rosevillian didn’t understand the rules of right-of-way, but was then angered when I got the most rude, disgusting little bee-otch look from this rather rotund young lady. She looked at me as if I just yelled something obscene at her, but all I did was stop my car from crashing into her dipstick boyfriend’s truck, which blew through a stop sign almost denting my rad little Carolina!

Then as I pulled up (riding this douche lords booty just a little bit) I saw this….


“Thick”….oh lord! CHUBBY CHASER!!! hhahahaha
GROSS GROSS GROSS! Like it’s bad enough when people have the skin logo on their cars, but when you make them to fit the “thick” size…gross, it’s all gross! Take your naked silohette pictures off your cars! Thick or slim, I don’t want to see it! hahahah

Did get a really good laugh from this one though :) hahahaha


Day 7 – A Photo That Makes You Happy

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

me and Kimi :)

This is my favorite picture of me and my little sister Kimi. I think I was 6 or 7, making Kimi about 3 or 4. Back in the days of tucking my shirt into my pants and wearing the most oddball combinations you could ever imagine :) Not to mention the stretchy pants that had designs for every holiday you could ever imagine :)

From this day, I remember that Dad was raking leaves out front, while we were playing with chalk and riding bikes around the neighborhood. Then, after Dad finished raking, he let us jump in the ginormous pile :) To which Mom came out with the camera, and took this pick :) Love this pic, love my swiss and love the memories of growing up and jumping around in leaves :)

Happy Birfday SWISS!!!!

November 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

ok…so it was my little baby swiss kimi’s birthday on monday….her SWEET 16 to be exact….and i was busy with my english presentation garb, and then yesterday i had a TON-O EE homework, so here is a belated blog that i think you would all enjoy :)


sisters by chance...best friends by CHOICE


back in the day, when kimi had that SU-weet mullet!

so, to let you all into my world for a split second, i decided that i would share with all of you the story of my very first memory, the one that happened the day that my best friend, and sister, kimi entered my life.

so, the memory i have, was from 16 years ago (as in 16 years ago from the 17th) when i remember going to the hospital with my dad. now i dont remember the car ride or the “youre a big sister now” talk, all i can remember is having my dad pick me up to press me against the baby window…you know, that room filled with babies (aka the nursery). so as im staring into the room i remember seeing a sea of little baby rolls wrapped in pink and blue blankets and having my dad try and point out the one little pink roll in a sea of pink and blue dots. While he was waiting for the nurse to get kim and bring her over to the window all i remember was seeing this ee-ah-go (i dont know the spelling but it’s that parrot from the Disney Aladdin movies sounds like ee-ah-go) stuffed animal. I remember my dad trying to shift my attention back to the fact that i now had a little sister, but all i could think of that entire time was “man i hope that is my stuffed animal.” sure enough that little parrot stuffie was meant for me, “from kimi to her new big sister” is what i remember hearing as my dad finally forked it over. The rest of that memory that i have, my oldest memory, on the day my little sister/best friend was born, was that i was SO STOKED!…..that i just scored in getting a brand new…..stuffed animal (not sister) :)


i dont even have the stuffie anymore! how sad is that! i told kimi that memory of mine, and she laughed, thankfully. Dont worry kimi, when i come home for thanksgiving i wont get sidetracked by a brand new stuffed animal…ill be SO STOKED to see my little swiss!

so yes….happy birthday kimi….hope the big sweet 16 was everything you imagined and more :) please dont crash my car within the span of the next year…i would like to have a fully functioning corolla, with no bumps or bruises, just how i left it, pepper sticker and all, when i get back for thanksgiving, christmas, spring and summer break! :)

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