DUNZO BITCHES!!!! Brain is Officially on OFF!

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GOODBYE NASTY QUARTER OF GROSSNESS!!!! I am so GLAD you are finally over!!!!!! Time to celebrate and dance around a little, and then go be stupid weirdo leprochauns in Disney Land tomorrow!!!!!! ADIOS! A BUH-BYE! PEACE OUT! GOODBYE! SEE YOU NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN winter quarter 2011!!!!!

a very very happy and stoked out of her mind that this deathly quarter is finally dunzo…

Life is One Big Party and I Love the One I’m At!

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After going to see Iration and The Holdup bring down the house last Thursday (sorry no pictures or video…the only thing on my mind was enjoying the good time) a little birdie has won the battle in bursting my musical bubble. I’m not the biggest alternative type of rocker because personally, stop your whining, and wear jeans that didn’t come out of your sister’s closet, because I can not handle the majority of way too girly alternative rockers out there.

But, after some convincing…and hearing that reggae was “dead” by a certain group of people…I have fallen in love with this song. It’s pretty freaking awesome I must say, and makes me just want to jump up and down on my couch like a total air guitar hero in a pair of boxers, dress shirt, long socks and rayban shades. But anyways….I am yet again side tracked

Today was yet another day of being trapped indoors studying a beautiful day away so that I don’t end up failing my Econ final (fingers crossed! lol). But as I was studying, with numerous breaks, I decided to start thinking about the rest of my life…always a fun thing to do. As I was thinking I decided on the following (these are the highlights at least that you would all be super duper interested in…yes I just said “super duper”):

  1. I will graduate from Cal Poly and be one of the few females to walk across the stage to snag a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering
  2. I am going to take a web design class to make my own legitimate blog site where I can make way cooler themes and pimp it out like no other!
  3. I am going to find a way to get into the music industry! I don’t care if I am loading in gear and plugging in amps, I will find a way to get in there and leave my “Love&Rockets” stamp on the industry that maintains my sanity, and aides my happiness on a daily basis.
  4. I want to smile more, I feel like the only good times I had this quarter were on weekends; and that the week was just a dreadful experience of hating life and everything about it because one class was pulling me down.
  5. I want to meet new people who are “weird.” I know lots of weird people, they are my bestest of best friends….but I want and need more weirdness in my life. I need people who aren’t embarrassed to whip out ridiculous dance moves, who aren’t afraid of strange looks and people looking at them as if they are “losers.” Because life is way too short for you to walk around in constant fear that if you don’t wear the right thing, or don’t listen to the right music, or don’t act the “proper” way that your cool card will be snagged and forever ripped to shreads….cool cards are overrated.
  6. By the end of 2011 I want to be able to say that I went somewhere, that I conquered another part of the world
  7. I want to be able to do something that is just the epitome of “college”
  8. I want to be stupid and irresponsible
  9. I want to do something that would make my parents cringe
  10. Basically, I want to enjoy every second I have left on this earth and in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, because come 2 more years of school, I won’t be back in SLO unless I am one of the many tourists passing by the area :(

So yeah, there was other little things that I decided on for my little blasty of a life, but I have to keep some things a surprise right?

Enjoy the spring time beauty (if you are lucky enough to have it) and don’t forget to smile and let your inner weirdo out to play; trust me, once you experience life as one of the weird, you’re never going to look back :)


Happy “Lonely Hearts Club” Day! – ugh I really hate Valentine’s Day

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#1 reason why today is my least favorite day of the entire year…it is just an annual reminder that I am a terminal member of the Lonely Heart’s Club.

Whatever, one year my outlook on this day of “love” will change; but as of now I am retaliating!

No makeup today, and this song on repeat thanking the lord that I don’t have to deal with this dreadful heartbreak “pissed off-I’m gonna key your car” feeling associated with the thing they call L-O-V-E.

The celestial Gods seem to agree with me that this “holiday” is not their favorite either, because they have made my day ten times better :)
It’s raining and gloomy, and it’s the 7th week of school. That means that I don’t have to have displays of affection constantly rubbed into my face walking to class (testing my gag reflexes) and most people have midterms, so Valentines Day this year has become what it truly is…just another Monday!

But in reality, why do we have to have just one day every year where you celebrate your love for your significant other? Shouldn’t that be done on a daily basis? Shouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day in a relationship? That point my friends, is exactly why I don’t like this day. I know you two love each other because I have to see it every other day of the year, you know you love each other, so why do I have to be reminded that I do not have someone sending me a valentine other than my fam? Bitter? No, I think most would agree with me on this one :)

With my midterm over, and the only really difficult thing left in my week being a lab, soldering, and the usual load of homework, life is getting better. And today I am my own Valentine :) I have chocolate, amazing friends, fantastical family, and you know what….I am alive and healthy; that is what I am celebrating!

I <3 ME! (in the most non self centered way possible)

So if you have a loved one, try not to get all mushy and gross today; because in reality, you should be treating them like you do this one day of the year, everyday. And if you are a fellow single member of the Lonely Hearts Club…retaliate! Don’t wear makeup, eat chocolate, buy yourself flowers and don’t give a shit, because someday we will all turn to the dark side and learn to love this day of love (barf, make me gag, I can’t believe I just wrote that).


“Cuz it’s Been a While, Since the Last Time I Smiled, and I’m Waiting For the Next Good Time” ~ The Holdup

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My life this quarter isn’t the usual good time with minor stress that it usually is. No, this quarter I have a class that I am almost positive I am going to fail, or if I pass it will just be because of the curve…which means that I will have a pass in the gradebooks, but it’s really just a fail in sheep’s clothing. It’s so bad that I as the tutor of athletes, has found a tutor for my sad sorry self! hahahahHAHAHA


But, whatever….at least I’m trying to be like whatever. I’m just going to keep trying hard, and hope for the best.

On a happy note though, this song is what makes me smile after a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG day of awfulness on campus. This band, I just can’t say enough good stuff about. Seriously though, I <3 them! The Holdup has the type of music that I can listen to them with my reggae loving soul, and my other friends (who are indie loving freaks) can listen to them and we can finally meet in a happy medium of a shared musical bubble :)

They’re sound could be considered something in every category/genre of music, and literally, everyone I know hasn’t had a bad thing to say about them after they’ve listened to that one song that resonates with them. This one is one of those that resonates with me…and makes me smile :)

Smile after my brain has been royally turned to mush, and do the truffle shuffle with Sheona to laugh off our girlish insecurities! Or make fun of each others made up face (aka the face you make when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror), and it’s safe to say that we are two peas that are stuck in the same wacky crazy kid pod :)

Listening to this song, I gain the ability to take a step back and realize that even though this one class is kicking my ass, life isn’t bad in any respect of the word. My country isn’t in social turmoil, my parents are still married, and my loved ones are all healthy; those are the important things in life, not one single class that isn’t even pertaining to what I want to do for the rest of my life.

WHOOOOOOOOOSAAAAAAHHHHHHH, deep breath in, exhale out, and wait and see how great the good times will be once you take the time to sit and enjoy the daisies :)


2011: aka Best Year EVER!

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Cheers to Another New Year!

Hello all of the blog-o-sphere! I know this is a wee bit belated, and I know I promised to keep up on posting, but school has started and it is going to be a rough quarter this winter (well pretty much the rest of my college career) so I didn’t has the extra time to blog as I wanted. But better late than never to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Last year I decided that I was going to write up all of my resolutions, and surprisingly, I believe I actually accomplished most! So this year, I am going to do it again! here they are people, my resolutions for 2011!

  1. Lose just a little bit more poundage, really I just want to be toned this year, and feel healthy and all that good stuff :)
  2. Since last year my resolution was just to meet all of my favorite bands, this year my goal is to just keep promoting for all of them, and make more and more connections that can hopefully help me later when I am trying to find a senior project idea and delve into the world of live sound engineering and how it relates to computer engineering :) (I’m feeling like a smiley face kind of day…so humor me on this post)
  3. Get an internship for this summer with a company that I really like, doing something that I could possibly see myself doing when I leave the fake reality of college life and enter the real world :)
  4. Focus on academics even more than usual to maintain my 3.0 GPA…or even boost it up a couple of points :)
  5. Try to be more positive. This is going to be hard, since my somewhat neurotic, control freak personality causes me to automatically jump to the worst case scenario; but I want to try and be more happy and optimistic ALL of the time, not just when I don’t have school, or when things are running smoothly :)
  6. RELAX!!! You see normal people, when they are faced with stress, they relieve it through exercise, or some other activity. Me, on the otherhand, I first exercise (no relief), then I obsess over it, and the little problems snowballs into a huge mess of tears, insomnia and exhaustion. I want to find some effective way that will allow my mind to be calm and free of all thought for just 30 minutes a day! I just want 30 minutes where I can voluntarily turn off my stress and enjoy something :)
  7. Laugh…a lot! I just want to be able to make even more funny, hilarious, wonderful memories this year, becuase, well last year was pretty freaking epic with Pepper Karaoke and the many many MANY wonderful memories with The B Foundation. This year needs to at the very least be just as epic and fun as last year :)
  8. Research different companies and see what I really want to do the rest of my life. Right now I am at the general statement of  “working on hardware at some engineering firm,” and I want to be able to name a specific company and be able to say why I picked that company sometime within 2011 :)
  9. Keep in touch with old friends, friends far away, and new friends. It is harder than you think to keep in touch with people, even if you are simultaneously in the same city! I want to try and find time, even if it is a library fun date, to see all of the old faces that I don’t see on a daily basis, and I want to make time to visit those who are far away (like Emily, my bFff of course!) :)
  10. I simply just want to be able to look back at 2011 and be able to smile and say “man that was a fantastically epic wonderful year of awesomeness!” <– yes verbatum what I want to be able to say! hahaha

So, for now, I will get back to the books, staying ahead of the course material and on top of assignments. Oh and ps…I GOT MY NIKON! I still have to figure out what settings are perfection for certain times, but at least I have a solid month to figure it out. Then the fun times begine with my BFff making her way to rage at a killer show with The Expendables, The Holdup, and THE B FOUNDATION!!! Followed by Pepper, I mean the only thing better would be all of these bands coming to SLO so I don’t have to roadtrip…oh wait THEY ARE!

Here’s to 2011! May all of your resolutions come true, may all of your memories be epic and may all of your adventures be documented by pictures and laughs that make your side hurt and tears roll down your face :)


See, adventures documented, and laughs are definitely strong in onsie pjs!

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