Oh My Poor Lonely Blog….

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I am so sorry that I have been a terrible blogger! My last two posts were so long ago, and even those were belated from the date of their brainstormed thought conceptions in my mind.

I promise that I will get back on my game this summer and might possibly come up with an even more cooler, better, AWESOMER theme of awesomeness to chit chat about :)



“Friday Night, No Work, High Heels, Minni Skirt….”

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Oh forgive me my fellow B Foundation crazed maniac fanatics, for I have sinned and am 2 weeks….I know…..late on posting this epic blogski about this little band, that is kind of a big deal, and pretty much rocks my socks off every time I see them. Of course I am talking about The B Foundation on the Spring Harvest Tour!

Now some may think I am crazy, and some may call me a groupie (haha lies, lies LIES!), but in reality they are just jealous because I sacrificed my wallet and multiple hours of sleep and sanity on the open road to see not one, not two, NOT THREE, but FOUR of these rocking showcases of new and old songs from these four fine gentlemen. So the only way to go about this is to jump in head first and just GO!


Bottom of The Hill, opening night!

A short 4 hour drive, after literally RUNNING the last two blocks home from class, and I was in beautiful San Francisco with my bFff ready to rage yet again with the band that allowed for our crazy gypsy and harlot selves to become the epic dynamic duo that we are. After the most entertaining cab ride I’ve ever experienced in my life, it was off for opening night with these four crazy cats. After going boom boom boom and getting an affirmative WAY HO from Mr. Moorehead we found out that if you wake Pat up in the morning he’ll give you some attitude, and if you wake him up at night (without a rogue sleeping bag) he will do the same. Then we were introduced to the new addition to our favorite foursome. It’s safe to say that Joe Fik has received the Emily and Courtney stamp of weirdness approval :)

Now for the show….can I say….EPIC! Since the set list was the same for the tour, I will slowly reveal the greatness (of which I can recall) in bits and pieces…just to get the full affect through each and every sweaty awesome detail of these shows. OPENING with “Deer Park and Madison” the show was off to a good start. With a new female majority crowd of crazy moshing B Found fans, Pat saranaded, Jason slapped the bass, Ian banged on those drums and Joe shredded his way into all of the hardcore B Found fan’s hearts.

Then it was on like donkey kong, because the normal set of mixing the soft with hardcore kick ass songs was out and the new heavy punk rockin’ set began with songs like “The Cure,” “Rincon,” “Say it in Sin,” and many more that are escaping my thoughts as of this moment in time. And in true fashion of a real live touring band, the boys even played their brand spankin’ new song “Weekend Warrior,” which is no reggae party…no….this is a PUNK ROCK PARTY! ~enjoy~

There were of course the other random moments of greatness that could be added to our bFff list of B Found memories, like seeing a lovely Blink 182 tat on a certain drummer’s ass, having a lovely convo on what the best strategy would be to navigate through San Francisco, a legit chick fight, hiding behind the tiki, and “helping” pack up the trailer. haha oh goodness….

SANTA CRUZ 3/31/11

Since it was Cesar Chavez day and I had all of my Friday homework done, I figured the only logical thing to do would be to take a detour on my way back to SLO (since my bFff decided to go see the Sharks instead….LAME) and see the same rocking kick ass show just one more time….obviously that IS the only logical thing to do. So after a quick hop on the 17 it was round #2 at the Catalyst Club. With the raging melodies of “Bellyfloppin,” and “Dirty Girls” this new gem of greatness, that seems to go by the name of “Claude,” is yet another glimpse of the more heavily favored ROCK turn that The B Foundation seems to be taking. Personally, I agree with this newer ROCKING transition 150%….because, hello…it’s f***ing SICK!

ps…I know that this video is from the Sactown show, I just didn’t have my cam on me for Santa Cruz, and call me crazy but, without a camera there is less pressure to capture those rock star moments, and you can actually enjoy the show…which is exactly what I did :)

Now…for the best show of the California leg of the tour…well just because it’s my town bee-otch….


With the excuse of signing next years lease (because that’s right, the freaky gypsy + harlot duo is rooming together next year…be afraid be very afraid) Emily and I were reunited for the lovely round three with The B Foundation. After skipping out on the last hour of my English lecture about William Bradford and Anne Bradstreet, half of an OG Cranberry Lemonade FourLoko, and a rickety ride in a 3 person truck we were at SLObrew and ready to rage yet again. Even though the crowd wasn’t huge, the people who were there definitely were the hardcore ones who made the night one for the books.

Emily and I did have a flip cam on hand to film our ridiculousness, and to also document the greatness going down on stage for the world to see, but it turns out that there are some technical difficulties in loading that footage from the flip cam onto the computer….I blame Emily haha

There was so much good stuff on there, like the boys crushing “Too Damn Tough,” “Baby Jane,” us bFff’s dancing around like only we can to Katastro (hahaha), and even a special post show acoustic saranade of OUR song “Ain’t Coming Home Tonight,” with the sweet stylings of Pat Stevenson, accompanied by Emily Beckwith, Courtney Schenkl and Joe Fikany on vocal guitar solos.

BUT, although I can’t show you, I was able to cross off an item from my bucket list:
-> “Dance on stage WITH one of my favorite bands”
….little did I know that this bucket list item would be as descriptive as “booty bump with Jason on stage with The B Foundation during ‘Take Some Time’.”

If that flip cam footage never comes out, that will always be a “click” mental picture that still makes me laugh :)

Another thing that makes me literally LOL is the great tale of the onsie pajamas. I am the usual one dawning the epic pink footies with multi-colored hearts at our super duper fun slumber parties; but this time, Joe brought it to a whole new level….here is the #1 reason why we <3 the new guitar hero….it’s proof that he is weird enough to hang out with us!

And since Joe was getting ready for The Roxy show by dancing around in my onsie pj’s, Emily and I figured that we should sign that lease and have an epic bFff little mini road trip to good ‘ol Hollyweird to see these crazy kids just one more time….


After some ICE CREAM ICE CREAM! NIJA HIGH SCHOOL NIJA HIGH SCHOOL! ANGRY TIGER GRRRRRRR! We put down our wtf moose antlers and were back in a familiar place of dancing, raging, head banging, spinning sing-a-long fun with The B Foundation. And this fourth round of fun can be crowned and capped off with my favorite of the new songs that closed the set (before encores) “INDO ADDICT.”

How can you not love this song. It’s one of those songs that induces a spontaneous need to (if you are a girl) take your hair down and bang your head, all while spontaneously whipping out the mystical air guitar to rock and rage along to the hypnotically rocking melody. Sorry, I can admit that I am 100% completely biased when I say that this is one of the best B Foundation songs of all time….I LOVE it….LOVE LOVE LOVE and cannot wait for them to record it, along with all of their other new tunes of punk rock greatness so that I can pop it in my ear buds and escape into the alternate reality that The B Foundation’s tuneage always seems to bring me to.

Dear Jason, Pat, Ian and Joe,
You are all totally awesome!
I <3 you lots.
Thanks for all the memories, laughs and silliness that always seems to go hand in hand with a B Foundation tour :)
Courtney :)

Sorry mom and pops….you probably shouldn’t look at this last part….

Gas to SF………………$35
Ticket for SF show…..$10
Gas in SC………………..$27
Gas in SB(midway to LA)…….$20
Gas in Hollywood……………….$20
Memories with my best friend in the whole entire world and my four favorite rock stars……………………………………PRICELESS


Song of The Day!

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Getting criticism from some (douchbags) for sounding too similar to the crazy little punk band that goes by the name of Green Day, I say…F all those hating losers! This song is amazazing!

My favorite track, hands down off of their new album Postcard From Paradise, The Supervillains are freaking awesome! And if you know me, you know exactly what my favorite part of the song is….hahaha

It’s one of those parts when you just make a goofy face, some arm gestures to get into the rastaman mood, and shout out in your deepest “eh brah” voice possible “WELL I’M STUCK IN THE MIDDLE, IN THE MIDDLE I’M STUCK!”

Yup, just from that part of the song, I was hooked :)

So enjoy The Supervillains awesomeness that is currently blasting through my headphones! Love this band, and love love LOVE this song :)

Forgive Me Bloggers, For I Have Sinned….

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I’M SORRY!!!!! I haven’t done a fun awesome rad post in ages!!!!!! Please forgive me!

It is currently the week of death (literally) here at Cal Poly SLO, so I will officially be living in the library the next 9 days! With 4 finals, and homework (aka waste of life) and a lab final in 2 days…I am sorry to say, I won’t be blogging for another week or so! I know, BAD COURTNEY! But when I get home (as in Roseville home after finals) I will do the following blogs:
1. Review of STITCHES by Pepper for the street team….but mixed up to be more of a total review of how much I’ve seen these konatown natives improve in their trade over the past 2 years

2. A random about the holiday season, because I need a Christmas blog!

3. Some pictures to post of favorite memories of 2010, since its almost over!

4. Probably another BFF re-cap of sure to be RAD new years debotcheries :)

And if you all really want it, but you might have to beg, I’ll post a blog on whatever you want to hear! Want me to talk about music? Concerts? School? Funny moments? I want to do my last blog of 2010 as a “________ of 2010 Blog!”….but I need you peeps to help me out and fill in that blank!!!!!!


But untill then, back to dead week awfulness, getting some sleep tonight since it will be lacking in my very near future!


Ps…Thanks for the amazing 5 days at home to the fam!!!! Lots of good food, hearty laughs, and quality family time :) Love you four times infinity plus one!!!! (Mom, Dad, Kimi, Jakiepoo!!!!)

BIG 20 BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! And the theme song is…..

October 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH!!!!!  hahahahhaa

I wish I was as big of a diva as this little like 10 year old! Willow Smith = rad in my book!

and….mom and dad…dont look……

the other theme song of the weekend…..DRUNK GIRL!!! by Pepper of course! hahahahha


Want a Peek Into My Little Mind?

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Playing this song last week, I decided to write down all of my thoughts on monday when I was walking home from the library at 10:30pm after a full day of studying, to go home and study some more…My thoughts are what follows….enjoy the dellusional mind of a sleep deprived college student

I dont like rockets, its just not logical how they make time slow down…or do they? Since its just all relative
Relativity is BULL****
hmmm Pepper just released stitches…I really hope Kimi remembered I wanted that pack of goodies for my bday…
HOLY MOLY my bday is next week
there’s a treehouse over here apparantly
I wonder how broke those kids had to actually be to LIVE in that thing…
oh i see it, def not a tree house…it’s like a bush shack
hahahaha Haley and Laura are at war with the boys…bahahahhaa
twine? or not to twine?
I could really go for a tub of icecream right now
I should really bring my phone charger to the library tomorrow
I hope Emily won the fantourage contest….it would be great if I could see pepper FO FREE!
my paycheck is so pathetic
$42.00…they didnt even take off taxes
why did I want to go to college? this sucks!
I want to quit and join the circus…what would i do in the circus?
—-sell cotton candy, because there is no possible way to be bummed out if youre selling cotton candy!

i really hope my ipod doesnt die…fudge…blinking red…F WORD
“oooooh this is an S.O.S….dont want to second guess, this is the bottom line it’s true!” hahahha
note to self…don’t leave my ipod unattended around people who think I have the coolest musical bubble ever…because if they heard some of this stuff I would NEVER live it down

gotta call mom soon, I need the “honey dont worry you are so smart, everything will be fine” talk

and then call dad to get some reassurance that I’m not the only one who thinks my professor is a DOUCHE LORD!

I want to beach it, but its freezing, and like almost 11!

That was so wonderful of laura to buy me boba…mmmm boba :)
I hope haley’s knee gets better…poor chica

Iration’s webcast was cool last week

jeez we live far!

….no way….no fudging way….please NO….iPod is dunzo

it’s official ALL of my forms of technology died!

that dog is sketch…why dont they just keep it inside?

I love our neighbors slug bug van…I think I’ll name it the killer twinkie…because it sounds pretty legit

ok, now to the living room aka my office to study about relativity and circuit analysis for a bit longer…SHOOT i need professional interview shoes! crap…oh well, just another thing to put on the list for tomorrow…I think about a lot of random things when walking home…I should really write this down someday :)


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