“Oh My God, That is STUPID Pretty!” ~ LJ

January 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

This week was a literal cluster “f-word” in my sad little engineering life! Fellow engineers understand, you have those quarters/semesters where your schedule is just gross, and well this quarter is one of those for me. I am in a straight programming class, and I hate it.

I didn’t come to college as a computer scientist, and had no intention on making a career on straight software and programming all day everyday for the rest of my life. I like programming when it is applied, to make hardware useful, that is the definition of being a computer engineer! So yeah, this class sucks, it’s hard, it stresses me out until the point when I burst into frustration induced tears in the library, and it has turned my positive outlook on life into a depressing pity party.

Well, the pity party needs to stop! After last week of being insanely stressed and allowing one class to take over my entire life, I am reevaluating my outlook on school. After having my Dad once again talk me down off of the ledge (basically telling me to snap out of it) I have come to realize that everyone is right, it is just a class. Life isn’t going to end if I fail, and I am going to be the only one disappointed if that outcome happens. SO, in conclusion….if I pass, RAD; if I fail, oh well!

And thank God for MUSIC and wonderful hilarious friends, because seriously they were my savior this past week.


Is my STUPID PRETTY friend LJ! hahahahaha
Along with my other hilarious friends, LJ and her taped nose make me laugh instead of cry when I am trapped in the library and feel like an idiot!

and this song:

Is my current obsession. It’s just so “summer” and brings back memories of my epic summer this past year :)

But for the remainder of Winter quarter 2011, I, Courtney Schenkl pledge to:

  1. No longer allow school to kick my ass
  2. Get a tutor and not feel unintelligent, and just get help so I can get through this class with understanding
  3. Make a point to laugh a good hearty LOL every single day
  4. Find a better way to vent my frustrations and stress
  5. Try and enjoy all of my other classes, and not allow this one class to kill my entire outlook on this quarter

I mean, we still have a whole lot of quarter left, and I am making sure that the last 6 weeks are going to be positive and less ridiculously stressful :)



“If You Only Knew…How Hard It Is To Handle, How Bad I Want This SCANDAL!” – Neon Trees

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Great song,  nuff said :)

Well let’s see, this birthday of the year that they call Twenty, was epic to say the very least. Minus the rain on both nights, it was filled with dancing, weeble wobbles in heels (I’ve come to the conclusion that God has put me aside as someone who is just supposed to always stick with flats), and being dragged onto a….well, that you will only know if you were lucky enough to be there :) Just wanted to say that life is fantastical as of now:

– Got the modern physics solutions manual…YES!
– Only have 1 midterem next week instead of 2…and it’s healthy living….sweet!
– Got an A on the last chem quiz…and homework for Physics!


So excited to be reunited with my best Fantourage friend forever!!!! And, getting to see our favorite Kona boys blow our minds on the house?….Well that my friends, is what you call priceless :)

So there you have it, life is amazing, minus this head cold….and it’s just going to keep getting better within the next couple of weeks :)


Ps…To my amazing roomies and bff’s forever….thanks for the RAD AMAZING TOTALLY AWESOME 20th birthday :) It wouldn’t be nearly as great without the three of you!

birthday princess, budweiser girl, foxy firefighter and the cuddle bunny :) LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!


Looks Like “Reality” is Reeling It’s Ugly Head Again

September 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today: Woke up to realize that I only have 5 days left at home
– Went shopping for non parishables with Dad at Target
– Looked at my class schedule just to get a good laugh at how my life will return to stressful hell in a matter of 2 weeks.

Tomorrow: Need to order my transcript from that JC so that my philosophy credits can transfer :)

So far that is all that’s on my radar of things to do with my last 5 days at home. A bittersweet feeling of being so excited to just get back to college life and start year 3, but then being a little sad when I see the lil swiss getting more and more bummed at the reality that our sister adventures will have to be put on hold untill Thanksgiving. Or seeing the puppy dog (not really a puppy since Jake is now 10 I believe) waiting for my return when I come back from a run, knowing that come 2 weeks I will just be greeted by the shoes in the hallways when I get back from a SLO run; no puppy dog with wagging tail to say hello anymore.

But, on the bright side, I’ll be back in SLO! Back with friends, back to laughs, back to the beach, back to tutoring, back to being a little bit more grown up. So for now, I am just soaking up every little boring moment I have left at home in Roseville, because although I might not miss it now, or next week, I will miss everything and everyone that goes with HOME eventually :)


To be what you is, you gotta be what you are, only thing I’m missing is a black guitar…hey baby IM A ROCKSTAR!!!

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Why hello again….so want to know about life so far? Well let’s see…


Unfortunately I got the depressing news that the final that we have been thinking was going to be on monday of finals week, is really a FRIDAY final :( sad day! I knew it was too good to be true that I would be done with year 2 on Wednesday of finals week! hahaha oh well…can’t hate that prof, he is like 75 years old, and this is his last year…so whatever…to look for the silver lining…I now have an extra 3 days to study for that final :)

Another exciting little news bit….well it’s only going to be “exciting”/interesting if you are a fellow pepperfan, or now a little bit about the coolest crew from our friendly northern neighbors…also know as Team Canada. So, I found out about Team Canada probably around September or October last year when pepper was killing it with iration and illScarlett on the Back in the Trenches tour. From what I could tell, it was just a group of friends that lived in Canada, who made matching shirts, called themselves a “team” and then followed pepper for a couple of stops on their tour. Oh how I was mistaken.

I actually got to meet Bob and Nikki (the founding Team Canada members) and am seriously amazed at everything they do! They decided to just start doing some free promo for all of these awesome reggae bands over in Canada. I kind of forget the fact that California is in a league of its own when it comes to reggae music, and being able to get ahold of and experience all of these reggae shows…since we are kind of the spot for reggae to flourish. But over in Canada…they aren’t as cool with that green little plant that also seems to have some influence in this amazing genre of music, so Bob and Nikki decided to bring the Cali vibes to the people of Canada as a type of free promo for all of these fantastic bands. They make cd’s to hand out to everyone they know so that the sweet vibes of Iration, Pepper, Passafire, The Supervillains and many many more amazing bands can reach the eardrums of everyone up north that would be completely oblivious of this great tuneage if it weren’t for Bob and Nikki :)

Can I just say…WOW! Seriously though after meeting them it was insane to think about the entire definition of being a “fan”

These two do SO much just to spread the word, not expecting anything in return…but simply to enlighten people on how great these bands are. I envy them so much! I mean when I think of being a fan of a band, a big part is to make sure that each and every one of my friends will also become completely obsessed and enjoy the tuneage just like me. But there is a limit to what I do, and it mostly has to do with the close-mindedness of my “friends.” They like mainstream, and reggae is far from that…but unlike Bob and Nikki, I just give up after that rejection. I need to stop that asap…because the money I spend on merch and tickets only goes so far for these awesome bands…getting more fans is where it’s at, the best way to repay these amazing bands for the great tuneage they put out for us fans :)

Another thing I have noticed about being a fan of reggae music, is that if you are also a reggae fan, I am guaranteed to be a friend of yours. It boggles my mind how I can get a tweet on twitter from two Canadian strangers to go out to lunch and chit chat, and just be able to have that instant “friend” vibe just from the common thread of music :)

So yes, if you haven’t noticed yet, this is a musically influenced post of sorts, completely influenced by the awesomeness of Team Canada. I am completely inspired by Bob and Nikki to just get out there and do all I can to promote these bands that fuel my iPod playlists and good times. They not only got me more interested in how I can do my part in this whole promo thing…but they are also just super cool people! Their spontaneity, determination and just sheer awesomeness (sorry I couldn’t resist one of my favorite adjectives) have really got me thinking that those dreams (job wise and anything) are completely legit, and not as far away as I thought they were :)

So….if you have no idea what I was talking about…to sum it all up:
1) I’m almost done with school! woot woot!

2) I’m now inspired to just go for it in every aspect of life after seeing all the cool things that Team Canada has done just from the thought of wearing some matching shirts to one of their favorite bands shows :) Bob and Nikki are legit ROCKSTARS!

Yup…that’s it for now….I should probably do some reading but you know how that possibility works out on a three-day weekend :) Until next time…



March 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

to get the full scheme of my mood….press play!

MIDTERMS ARE FINALLY DONE!!!! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY DONE!!!! No joke, I have had 2 midterms every weeks for the past month! I have never been so happy for it to be dead week in my entire life!!! And other GREAT NEWS is the fact that this next Thursday is going to be EPIC BEYOND FREAKIN BELIEF!!!!

Ok and I have found another reason why I love this regae-rock catgory of music so much…encompassing Pepper and Iration…ect

All of  US fans are super awesome!!! Thanks the the pepper street team I found a new PepperHead and concert buddy in the SLO area and am so stoked to make the 4 hour roadtrip on Thursday to go see the awesomeness of ANUHEA…and ya know, meet those three Pepper boys that have been on my “People to Meet” list for quite some time now!

SO SO SO SO SO SO PUMPED/STOKED/EXCITED/HAPPY/I’m running out of synonyms…guess that’s why I’m an engineering major :)

so yeah, just a little quickie….telling you all how STOKED I am that midterms are over, and that I’m going to see anuhea on thursday! time to get back to reading “The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson for my lovely bio final in 2 weeks :( lamesauce…basically the story of my life…get pumped to be done with midterms, then get ready to study for finals! bahahahaa



Random Factoids of Greatness :)

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am currently taking a break….which is looking like it will be close to indefinite for tonight….from studying for physics, and I just thought I would share with you some random factoids about me. So yeah…enjoy

1. I have been to 8 (9 on Thursday!) concerts, but the majority of those concerts were all for the same group of bands…which I LOVE!

2. I like to self diagnose possible learning disabilities that I believe I could possibly have in moments like these. I can no longer stand studying, it’s raining outside, and I have a solid C in physics…I must be dislexic! hahahahHAHAHHA

3. Twitter is one of the obsessions that I have caved into within the past year. 140 characters can say so much :) or you can just add on the “cont…) and take up like 280 characters…and then you’ve graduated from amature tweeter to genius tweeter! The thing I like most is when I look at my dashboard and someone has been spam tweeting a good 15 tweets about nothing, and I always complain and moan and almost delete them, when I look further down the page, and oh there are my 20 different random spam tweets!

4. Funny story that just came to me: I was talking to someone about falling down in public earlier, and I just remembered this one time that someone fell and it is epically great! So, the setting…I think I was in 5th grade and was going to this girl scout camp with my friend Casey. On the second day of the camp, we got out of the car after a 45 minute drive to this day camp and saw a fun obstacle to overcome before we made our way to our group. The obstacle, two posts with a rope strung between them…the goal, jump over the rope that was literally 6 inches off the ground. I go to jump over this “challenge” and dominate (of course I did…I’m totally awesome…and the rope WAS SIX INCHES FROM THE GROUND!) and then Casey goes to jump, and falls so hard that she breaks her elbow and can’t go to camp anymore!!! HAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA LMFAO!!! The best part was that everyone was trying so hard not to laugh as she is crying on the ground holding her now fractured elbow! hahhaha, after her mom brought her to the hospital, EVERYONE LAUGHED OUT LOUD! hahhahaa

5. My favorite pastime is to waste time :) yup….like this blog for example….I am wasting time instead of looking over my flash cards for my midterm tomorrow….lets see, the card at the top of the list says “info you need to know from the pressure lab” –> answer…(I know all these answers ps to mom and dad…I’ve been studying for like 7 hours over the past 2 days now…so no need to worry) room temperature is about 22 degrees celsius, which has a pressure of 15psi, and at 0 degrees celsius there is a 13psi pressure, at -75 degrees celsius there is a 10psi amount of pressure, and that line formed by those points will hit the x axis of the pressure vs. temperature graph at the absolute zero value of -273 degrees celsius. BOOM-CHAKA-LAKA!

6. Whenever I walk to class I always have my ipod in, and on certain songs, if there aren’t many people around, I WILL dance to the ipod. I mean, if  “Give it Up”, “One-A”, “Tik-Tok”, or any other of my favorite dance songs comes up on shuffle and its 7:45 in the morning, my rad dance moves wiggle there way out…and for once, I am actually smiling walking to class :)

7. I have a ton of random things put up on my wall that remind me of good friends, memories and home. The one thing that Always makes me laugh is when I look at my collage of disney land pictures from this summer and see the big one in the middle of one collage. The picture is of a sidewalk in Anahiem…the little dot in the distance, probably a good 200 yards ahead of me and my sister is our mom! hahahahaHAHAH Kimi and I wore sandals to DL (like the freakin morons that we truely are) and mom was walking so freakin fast! so she sped off in the distance as Kimi and I “shuffled” back to the hotel. And the “shuffle” was us scooting our feet accross the ground in a weird speed walker type of motion…yup we probably looked real cute to all the people who drove by at that time in the day :)

8. Go to dance move (when at a party with good looking guys) = cross arms in front of you and move your head back and fourth…along with swinging my hips around…but the go to dance move when hanging out with people you kow = a hybrid betweent he sprinkler and running man…that’s definitely my favorite…you basically look like a flailing fish if youre doing it right, and you are most definitely having a good time if you whip out that move :)

9. If a guy, any guy, were to actually use a corny pick up line on me, I would go out on 1 date with him as a prize for actually doing that! There are exceptions though…if he is super creepy, then that is a big fat NO! and if it is a disgusting vulgar nasty line…then I will for sure walk away quickly….I’m talking wholesome fun lines…not nasty gross lines! hahahhaHAHAHHA

10. When I go running and I see a cute guy further ahead on the trail that I am going to pass, I suck up the crazy panting breathing, get some form in my stride, and make sure that I shake my hips as I pass. Then when I know I have passed him, my form goes back to shit and I go back to my normal spastic running routine :)

and finally….this is my new favorite viral video…especially the fact that they “lady gaga” can walk better in heels that I can….please watch this, ITS FREAKIN GREAT!!! hahahahhaHHAHAHAHA BEST FIND ON YOUTUBE!!

Oh Avila…how I love thee <3

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

YES!!! PEPPER IS IN THE HATHCH AND LOOKIE LOOKIE….NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha this song is literally definition of pepper….it’s a little rough, but its already great…and with a little time it will be PEPPER PERFECTION :) high 5 Bret, Kaleo and Yee…sounds like you’ve been working hard…and it sounds GREAT :)

Ok…sorry….that was an aside, and i thought that you all needed some extra spice in your life, so there you go…pepper :)

the gorgeous Avila Beach

This weekend is turing out to be a marathon of studying. How come it seems that everytime midterms start to roll around my teachers all decide to put their tests on the same day…example, this Monday I have wildlife conservation at 8 am, then physics at 6pm, oh and don’t worry I also have a linear analysis midterm Thursday…but wait! Come next Monday I have another wildlife conservation test AND a digital design midterm…I kid you not….you can’t make this stuff up!

So in the insanity that is my life for the next couple of weeks, Avila Beach is my safe haven. Thank you God for giving me the gift of being a nerd so that I could get into Cal Poly to be able to run away to Avila Beach whenever my mind just needs that quick break from reality. After a short 10 minutes I felt re-energized  and ready to hit the theories of compensation, Pinchot, Muir and territoriality. The sound of waves crashing, the view of endless ocean and rolling green hills are my little piece of heaven that I am so lucky to have sitting, and waiting to wipe away all my stress and worries 10 minutes away.


Dear Avila Beach,

Thank you for allowing me to escape my wildlife bio studying for a good 20 minutes. I would also like so thank you for being absolutely gorgeous ad allowing for a rad little getaway from stress and school :)


Courtney :)

I love you Avila Beach!

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