“If You Only Knew…How Hard It Is To Handle, How Bad I Want This SCANDAL!” – Neon Trees

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Great song,  nuff said :)

Well let’s see, this birthday of the year that they call Twenty, was epic to say the very least. Minus the rain on both nights, it was filled with dancing, weeble wobbles in heels (I’ve come to the conclusion that God has put me aside as someone who is just supposed to always stick with flats), and being dragged onto a….well, that you will only know if you were lucky enough to be there :) Just wanted to say that life is fantastical as of now:

– Got the modern physics solutions manual…YES!
– Only have 1 midterem next week instead of 2…and it’s healthy living….sweet!
– Got an A on the last chem quiz…and homework for Physics!


So excited to be reunited with my best Fantourage friend forever!!!! And, getting to see our favorite Kona boys blow our minds on the house?….Well that my friends, is what you call priceless :)

So there you have it, life is amazing, minus this head cold….and it’s just going to keep getting better within the next couple of weeks :)


Ps…To my amazing roomies and bff’s forever….thanks for the RAD AMAZING TOTALLY AWESOME 20th birthday :) It wouldn’t be nearly as great without the three of you!

birthday princess, budweiser girl, foxy firefighter and the cuddle bunny :) LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!



Oh Avila…how I love thee <3

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YES!!! PEPPER IS IN THE HATHCH AND LOOKIE LOOKIE….NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha this song is literally definition of pepper….it’s a little rough, but its already great…and with a little time it will be PEPPER PERFECTION :) high 5 Bret, Kaleo and Yee…sounds like you’ve been working hard…and it sounds GREAT :)

Ok…sorry….that was an aside, and i thought that you all needed some extra spice in your life, so there you go…pepper :)

the gorgeous Avila Beach

This weekend is turing out to be a marathon of studying. How come it seems that everytime midterms start to roll around my teachers all decide to put their tests on the same day…example, this Monday I have wildlife conservation at 8 am, then physics at 6pm, oh and don’t worry I also have a linear analysis midterm Thursday…but wait! Come next Monday I have another wildlife conservation test AND a digital design midterm…I kid you not….you can’t make this stuff up!

So in the insanity that is my life for the next couple of weeks, Avila Beach is my safe haven. Thank you God for giving me the gift of being a nerd so that I could get into Cal Poly to be able to run away to Avila Beach whenever my mind just needs that quick break from reality. After a short 10 minutes I felt re-energized  and ready to hit the theories of compensation, Pinchot, Muir and territoriality. The sound of waves crashing, the view of endless ocean and rolling green hills are my little piece of heaven that I am so lucky to have sitting, and waiting to wipe away all my stress and worries 10 minutes away.


Dear Avila Beach,

Thank you for allowing me to escape my wildlife bio studying for a good 20 minutes. I would also like so thank you for being absolutely gorgeous ad allowing for a rad little getaway from stress and school :)


Courtney :)

I love you Avila Beach!


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press play yo….(yes I know this song is absolutely ridiculous but bear with me…it matches the title…which matches life!)

sooooo….would everyone like to hear about my epic fail of a weekend? YES?!…ok I guess I can divulge the juicy details :)

On Friday we decided to go out because there was a jersey shore party at some frat house, and it was one of my roommate’s close friends birthday so we were gonna make an appearance to wish him a happy big 2-0! So for this master plan, we decided that we would go to wish the birthday boy a happy 20th first and then go to this jersey shore party. We picked this order because there were supposedly strippers (not stripper…stripperS…plural) that were going to the birthday boys house too…so we figured that the strippers wouldn’t be there until 11:00 or 12, so we headed on over there at 10:30 ish….what we walked into was the most DISGUSTING thing i have ever witnessed in my entire life!

apparantly our rationale for the whole timing of strippers was completely off, because we walked into a total dude fest (with some girls that were non strippers) hooting and hollering and putting dollar bills in places and EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I WANTED TO BARF!!!!! so in sum…we got the F out of there before anymore booty clapping and gyrating happened for the birthday boy…gross gross gross GROSS!

FIST PUMP! i wanna find me a nice juice head guido!!!

So that was an epic fail and we were pretty positive that the rest of the night was going to turn things around and be a great success dancing around with a bunch of “juice head guidos”…at least that’s what we were hoping for.

We get to the party and guess what…they are at capacity…but we had the in with the frat president. So in true “thing I want to do before I die” fashion, we got to cut the line of pissed off girls and guys to waltz right in to the party. Yup…I felt pretty awesome getting in to the bash like a VIP :) But, that’s beside the point, because after the VIP entrance we were just greeted by yet another EPIC FAIL!

They weren’t lying when they said they were at capacity…the house was so humid that when you walked in your hair poofed a little bit, and you were automatically sweaty….except for the fact that the sweat you felt wasn’t your sweat…no, it was the sweat of the however many hundred other kids in there. GROSS…and then to top it all off the stench was that of vomitt mixed with pizza mixed with perfume mixed with any disgusting nasty smell you could think of…GROSS!

So we bolted out of there as quickly as we could weave in and out of the dressed up guidos. We decided to go back to fail #1 since the strippers were gone, and got a good like song and a half in until there was a noise complaint and the party just lost all steam. Yup, I have no idea what it is, but every time we go out it is usually an EPIC FAIL! Literally…the only times we have gone out and had legit fun was on my birthday and one other time when we (the sober kids) kicked all of the wasted kids butts at beer pong at B-Lake’s house…HAHAHHA that was fun.

So mom, dad, if you are worried about me going out and getting trashed or partying a little too hard…don’t worry…because every time we go out it is an epic fail and we are home by midnight! hahahaha so yeah, unless we get some better luck in the partay department there really is no need to worry :) hahahaHAHHAHA

“There’s a place on Ocean Avenue, where I used to sit and talk to you, we were both 18 and it felt so right…sleepin’ all day stayin’ up all…NIGHT!”

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FYI…this song is literally fantastically WONDERFUL!!! I love love LOVE this song!!!!

Anywho, other than that…this weekend was the weekend of spending money and having a blasty blast with the roomies :) Mind you, I do have a job now so all the money I spent this weekend will be reimbursed come February 10th when I get my paycheck :)

First item of spendage….I got myself another gnarly piercing! I just couldn’t resist the $20 deal at traditional tattoo…I had a pic of it, but it’s not there anymore and I don’t feel like re-uploading so…you’ll just have to trust that my industrial bar looks LE-git!!!

Second item of spendage…me and the roomies went to Santa Barbara and did a little bit of damage on State ST.  I got a cute little blouse from Forever 21, and a tank top from American Apparel (both totally worth the money ps :)) But after my first trip to Santa Barbara (yes yesterday was the first time I have ever been to Santa Barbara in my entire life time, which was spent completely in CA) I must say that beach towns are always my favorite places to be :)

nothing but palm trees and blue skies

There’s just something about the ambiance of flip flops, v-necks, jeans and ray-bans that makes me feel perfectly at home. Even though it was pretty darn cold in SB yesterday, we still had a blast :) And for the rest of my weekend it’s looking like I will be lazily attempting to do my homework today, and then getting everything done in a quick fashion tomorrow :)

Procrastination is an awful thing, but is just an essential part to being a college student :)


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so this weekend was the greatness of the birthday weekend! friday was my birthday….for all who dont know….and to celebrate the big 1-9 me and my roomies all decided to go to a nice dinner…then go out and have a blasty blast later that night. dinner was fantastic. so many quote board moments it’s not even funny….
“Courtney, i dont know if you’ve noticed this, but the waiter isn’t that bad-looking”–lorraine tang
“im parched, im famished, and im pissed off!!”–lorraine tang
“i dont got manners real good”–alex ciaraglia
“um can we do something about this ice?”–lorraine tang
such a fun night….and it only got better when we decided to hit the town to get our groove one. for some reason, the people at this party were in costume, and 3 boys happened to be “chip ‘n dales” dancers. and then one thing led to another….they found out it was my birthday….and i received three of the most awkwardly embarrassing lap dances of my entire life! i wish we lugged a camera with us so i could have proof of this epic hilarious event! but no…we were way to cool to bring a camera….
then the day continued though…to day 2 with the parents and my little swiss kimi :)
i miss my fam so much and it was absolutely wonderful to see them….even if it was just for one day. we did the usual lunch, then dinner, then hang out routine. i try so hard every time they visit not to fall apart and be the douche bag that turns into a basket case when her parents leave…but i couldnt help it….i just hate those goodbyes that always follow short visits. i just have to keep telling myself that thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks…and then itll be christmas and then ill be home for so long that ill be begging to get back to cal poly. but i just want to take a quick little diddy to my fam
thanks for the awesome Disney stuffed animals…they make me smile:)
although somewhat ridiculous, they always make me laugh when i walk into my room and see them perched on top of my closet :) love ya mamma!
dont worry…im eating my vegetables and fruits! i promise to call you more often…so you wont whine that you have a daughter that “ignores” you…silly silly dad! all of the candy and cookies are greatly appreciated by all of us here in inyo 301 and i cant wait til you get the random urge to take a weekend trip to come and visit again :)
my little swiss!!!!! you are the best dude!!!! i absolutely love you more than anything because you are pretty much the bomb.com :) hahahhaa
thanks for the fun times and late night chit chats :) sorry you had to sleep in the living room…i swear it’s not my fault my room is so cramp! i cant wait to hear about more of your fun little stories and i really hope that when you do get your license that you can convince dad to just let you drive on down here solo so we can have a swiss weekend without the rents :) miss you dude!!!!!
ok done with that now :) i just want to say thank you to all of my amazing friends…and my wonderful family…for making this birthday weekend one that i will NEVER forget :)

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