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bFff adventure weekend!!!!

So, are you ready for a long one people? Are you ready for some PEPPER people?! Well sit back, cuddle up to a warm mug of hot cocoa and let’s do this people!!!

I don’t know if you were aware but I  think that everyone on this planet is actually born in two’s. There are two of you out there, walking around, listening to the same music, doing the same sort of things, with the same personalities (not necessarily looking identical) just waiting to one day randomly find each other on a social network crazy contest winning website, to find yourself a new bFff (Best Fantourage Friend Forever!). My bFff is Emily, and we hadn’t seen each other since seeing The B Foundation together back in August in Santa Cruz, and have been planning this epic Pepper concert weekend since like September. So now that you know that background, here is the rest of the background leading up to the show, the show, and other bFff deboucheries :)

Two weeks ago, I woke up and felt like HELL! I have NEVER EVER had this awful of a cold that lasted, and got worse, for so long! I was out of comish for a solid two weeks, and the two weeks would come around right in time for my weekend plans with Emily. Last week, starting Monday, I started to go into hibernation mode. My days consisted of waking up, going to class, doing homework, then sleeping…A LOT!! I literally snoozed my life away for an entire week to get better in time for Iration’s show in the UU on Thursday, and most importantly my roadtrip and Pepper fun weekend with Emily. Safe to say, Thursday I was probably about 70% better, raged for Iration, and then Friday rolled around and I was back to around 80% perfect. All that was left to do was pack up the car and head out for my 6 hour adventure drive up to Ukiah to be re-united with my bFff!!!!!

The drive was dreadful! I had this feeling that google maps gave me an assbackwards route and that I should have printed out the alternate route just in case, but I was almost out of ink and decided this route was the only route, unfortunately. After an extra hour of traffic and hour of being lost in translation trying to find the stupid golden gate bridge in San Francisco, I FINALLY made it to Ukiah!!!!!! After a 6 point turn and a 5 minute attempt at parking my car (yup it was one of those nights! But I blame Emily! Once somebody is watching me drive I swear it makes me take forever to do the simplest thing!) it was finally time for us to get stoked for Pepper! Problem was it was 11pm now, and we were STARVING! So what do bFff’s eat when their tummies are a rumbling?……

late night meal of champions!!!

This bohemoth of a sandwhich is a grilled cheese with mozarella sticks and a side order of fries…but we got seasoned fries instead of those in that picture that were way better, all for 4 dollas! Cheap, and a ginormous food baby in your gut! So then we went back to Em’s humble abode, and SNOOZED hardcore! Woke up in the morning and then it was on like donkey kong!!!!!!!

Morning breakfast for bFff’s:
-youtube videos! hahahahha want to know the winner?

We like tutles, and we LOVE Pepper!!!!!!

Day of Show:
We didn’t whip our hur back and forth, but we dried and straightened it :)
Then we packed up the car and started out on a smooth sailing car trip to San Fran…JUST KIDDING we flew in a plane, JUST KIDDING  we rode on a unicorn JUSTKIDDING!!!!

The drive was not fun. It was like a 15 point crazy turn out of the the garage, then a pulled outer groin hopping back into the car, trip to the work, food at jack in the crack, traffic for days, the FINALLY getting to San Fran.

After a fun dinner, a little garage door drama (hahahahhha Emily is so SWOLLL she bend the door’s track! hahahahaHAHAHAHA) we were at the Warfield, with our guest list tickets, glow necklaces, just trying to avoid the creeps on the streets and get inside to claim our front row spots to RAGE ALL NIGHT!!!!

Glow sticks on to catch some attention and our song title requests (“Splooge” and “Wet Dreams”….dirty…I feel so dirrrrty!) we took a seat to our spots against the security gate where Kaleo Wassman would be rocking out, right above us in a matter of 2 hours for another 2 hours of an amazing show! But I’m getting ahead of myself!

classic Emily Courtney Pic :)



Pour Habit

This band is so FANTASTIC!!!! I can’t understand a word in any of their songs besides “fuck” and “athority,” but they are SO ENTERTAINING!!! Their lead singer will spin on his head, dance around the stage like a crazy maniac, and jump into the crowd to get the pit started! Along with beer bongs for the guitar player, bass player and drummer! CRAZY FREAKING MANIACS!!!! I love seeing them! they are hilarious and so ridiculously entertaining that all Emily and I could do was LAUGH! They were AWESOME!!!!!


First, can I just say that Fishbone was EPIC!!!!!!!!! But this crazy kid, sneaky little terd, would do this little move that always ended with either me and Emily holding him up so that he wouldn’t fall and eat epic shiz, or he would surf the crowd and ended up with his ass on my head trying to make it back onto the stage. But was an EPIC show!!! His moves are white hot, and his suspenders and crazy shoes were off the hook! LOVED THEM!!!!

and now….drum roll please…..

Paging Dr. Williams....

Paging Dr. Wassman....

Paging Dr. Bollinger...we need some medical assistance...NOW!!!

PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE A SURGEON! OWWWW! CUTTING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!!!!! LIKE A SUR-UR-URGEON!!!!!!!! Sexiest, craziest, best surgeons I have ever seen! The show was EPIC! They did voice over’s for the opening of the show and for the encore. They played EVERYTHING! Stormtrooper, Stone Love, Too Much, Wake UP, Freeze, No Control, Crazy Love, Give it Up, Ashes (with I don’t want to go! I don’t wanna go oh oh oh! because the show was that epic!) The Mirror, The Office, and of course……

DRUNK GIRL!!!!!!!!!! with Bret dancing it out on the mic! Tek 9 on bass!

We were raging so freaking hard that I think I caught Yesod’s eye and got him even more stoked because of the level that I was at of STOKE and sheer happiness :) hahahaha Literally this was the best show I have ever seen them play. It was the 6th time I had seen them and they blew my mind! I’m not going to lie Ihave 2 complaints though….
1) I’m not a fan of the new version of “Wanted.” Just because it is my favorite song and they slowed it down so much that I couldn’t find the beat and it looked like I had no idea what the lyrics to my favorite song were.

2) They had a strict set list….what the hell?! The reason why I can justify going to see Pepper two nights in a row is because of the fact that it’s a different show every night….not anymore :( I hope they change back to taking audiance requests because that is WAY more fun!!!! We made our signs and succeeded on getting them in Kaleo’s hot little hands, but they never played it :( so we were mos def bummed out! Their only saving grace was that the set list was packed full of good stuff!

Their set was insane! Totally surgically pimped out! The coolest part was the heart graphic on Yee’s drum set!!! Other cool parts were the wheel chair that helped Chuch from Pour Habit onto the stage in his tidy whities, and Bret to have a surprise attack during Point and Shoot! Oh and Dr. Coach! hahahahah oh my fudging goodness he was HILARIOUS!!!!! I can’t repeat what he said because it was oh so salacious and only works and sounds less awful if he is saying it with his glasses and lab coat :)

Dr. Coach!!!

 Kaleo was such a guitar hero all night long, Yesod KILLED IT on drums (as usual) and Bret was rocking the bass so hard all night long!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! And this show I changed up the usual position in the audiance. I usually am right near Bret as close to the middle as possible, but this time we could only be right underneath Kaleo for 2 hours! ROUGH right?! hahahaha I wasn’t complaining! We got the tipsy guitar hero sexy staredowns that every girl who ever stands under him gets all night long, and he even gave me and Emily a shout out since we were those crazy pepper fans who brought signs to request songs! Plus I think he just liked that we picked the dirtiest song titles possible! It’s not our fault that our favorite songs that we have never heard live are “Splooge” and “Wet Dreams” !!! They are the ones who write the songs! I think he was really contemplating on playing “Splooge” because we were begging him all night, and he definitely noticed, but Bret started singing “Wanted” instead :( bummer…so so close! But seriously…this was THE BEST Pepper show Ihave ever seen…EVER!!! The songs, the set, the theme, god it was just amazing!!!!! But then, they are my favorite band, so every show is always a highlight of my quarter; but this was still just the best, I don’t know how to explain it to anyone but they were just AMAZING!!!!!

Want to see my favorite picture of the night?

winner winner chicken dinner :)

I’m going to go with the fact that we are all somewhat Pepper fans here, so all I have to say is that this was taken during “Give it Up” after Emily and I caught Kaleo’s attention and told him to get on his knees (oh yeah oh yeah we’re beggin you darling please!) and as you can see, he was stoked to oblige :) AMAZING!!!!! Then the boys played “Ashes” and we know that it was unfortunately time for them to finally leave us after 2hours of epic awesomeness! And as they were leaving, Kaleo tried taking his mic out of the stand to put it in the audiance to get us yelling our favorite swear word to end the show, and then in slow motion I saw the tipsy guitarist’s stand slowly come crashing down onto my head…ouch! But how can you be in pain when it was caused by one of these kids? You can’t is the true answer :)

Then it was out to have a little more city fun, breakfast with funny icky stories and laughs about the garage door mystery, and is was back to Ukiah for some In and Out, and then bye bye to my bff :( It was sad….I teared up a little :(

**For Emily**

I MISS YOU BFF!!!!! We need to do this again like pronto but next time during like a vacay, like spring break or Summertime (even though we already have plans made! hahah wink wink) because us not being together for more than like a month…is WAY TOO LONG!!!!! Miss you times infinity plus one and thank you so so very much for the amazing weekend of no homework, lots of laughs, funny stories and hilarious epic amazing memories :) YOU ARE THE BESTEST MY BEST FANTOURAGE FRIEND FOREVER!!!!!!!


And to end this amazing blog I give you team Emily and Courtney:


If you ever go to a Pepper show that we are at, keep a look out! We’ll be the ones on the security gate in the front row, glow necklaces in tow, paper song request signs, just RAGING like maniacs to one of our favorite bands (my favorite :)).




Hey OH! Want to Help Me Out on Something????

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It’s a game called fantourage…well actually it’s a website and I am OBSESSED with it! My best fantourage friend forever (and future business partner…The Chubby Salamander is going to be off the chain someday!) has already fought it out and won the war to get two free tickets for us to rock it with Pepper on November 6th in San Francisco, but I want MORE! I really would like to bring my roommates/some other friend so the Pepper roadtrip can be just that much more epic!!! So are you down to help a soul sister out? Here’s the easy play by play of what you have to do to help me out :)

1) click this link –>

2) It is going to bring you to Pepper’s page, click the big purple button that says JOIN NOW after the blurb about “Pepper is on fantourage..blahblabhblah”
3) sign up for the site…you really don’t have to use a perfect email address, but if you do use youre legit address, be sure to change your notifications later!
4) after youve signed up and done it, it should bring you back to Pepper’s page, click “become a fan” and then boom! I just won 50 points towards free Pepper tickets. If it brings you to the Fantourage home page though….exit out of the window, and reclick that link to become a fan of Pepper :)
See it’s as easy as 1,2,3,4! And…I’m just saying….it tracks 3 adds per ip address, so get 2 other peeps to join off of your wifi connection! hahahaha
That’s all for now, I need to get back to studying and planning of my birthday dinner on Saturday :)

ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!! Pepper’s Done It Yet Again!!!!

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 PAGING ALL PEPPER FANS!!! The boys have done it again!!! The new EP Stitches is up and blaring on their websites and I thought that I would set up each and every one of the 4 new raging amazing TOTALLY FREAKING RAD tunes for all of you! (As you can see, I am just a LITTLE excited that these songs are finally fully produced and out for all of us to jam out to!) 

1. WAKE UP – This song is basically a total “pump you up” and “get you stoked” type of tune! Similar (in my opinion) to the high energy songs that are always the perfect opening jam at a show like “Freeze” and “No Control” this song is just PERFECT! Raw power, a hard bassline, killer vocals from both Kaleo and Bret, if you’re not pumped to go out there and OWN whatever you are doing after listening to this song…well I don’t even think these three surgeons can save your boring soul! 

2. THE MIRROR – As this song comes on after that last raging, ass kicking melody, you are brought back to the relaxing vibes of the Hawaiin isles. Soft vocals, from none other than Kaleo, proclaiming the woes of a frustrated love wanting nothing but to simply have his girl. I mean, how can you not want to be that girl...“I wish that you were here, with me, and stepped back away from your mirror…” <3 

3. DRUNK GIRL – After hearing this song live on the BACK IN THE TRENCHES TOUR last fall, I knew that it was going to be the next GIVE IT UP for these guys. Now don’t hate, because all musicians dip into the “sex bin” every once in a while; it gets a little dirty, but it’s always that tune that you shamelessly BLARE out of your speakers, singing along to each and every salacious lyric. So in a nut shell, that is this song. You gotta love a drunk girl, and they LOVE A DRUNK GIRL!!!!! 

4. LONELY – Apparently, this is some sort of cover song, because I have been corrected before. But I have never claimed to know everything about music, just the fact that I love this band’s tunes. So if you know the original, please give me a link; I would love to see if it’s anywhere near as fantastic as this version with Bret Bollinger’s silky smooth vocals! Sweet, soft, and again a total contrast from the previous, this song just makes me smile :) I’ve been having to deal with the youtube quality of their Volcom in-store performance in Waikiki that some very intelligent fan got on film, and let’s just say that, that youtube video will now be getting a whole lot less views now that I have this to listen to :) Enjoy the sweet vocals from the BusterBrown* and I’m sure you will understand my love for this band after you fall in love with this song  :) 

Now, without further adieu, please enjoy the STITCHES EP by none other than Pepper. 

LOVEloveLOVE&Rockets (on this fantastical Pepper playlist of a day),

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