Day 11 – A Photo of You Recently

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So, you all know how everyone is going crazy over the iPhone right? Well the iPone can officially suck it, because the Droid is just as amazing (if not better) and it doesn’t drop your calls like nobody’s business! With that off my chest let me further explain. The ONLY thing that makes the iPhone SO amazing, is the apps, and I am not going to lie, I am jealous that I can’t download my 2 favorite band’s apps (Pepper, and Iration) but other than those 2 apps, the Droid OWNS!

The iPhone has sometype of old camera, where there are different settings that make really cool looking pictures. Well, I don’t know if you know, but the Droid also has a free app called “RetroCamera” which has a selection of 4 different retro looks that take absolutely amazing pictures :) I just love the grainy feel of the “orange box” camera (it’s claimed the spot of my favorite!) and this picture was taken with that feature :)

This picture was taken at the beginning of summer when Kimi’s boyfriend foolishly left his longboard at our house…so we had a photoshoot! hahaha
This is my favorite shot from our fun longboarding adventure of a day :)

love this picture :)



Day 10 – A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You

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I like to think I was a pretty adorable little nugget :) Here are two pictures of me back in the days of the terrible two’s, filled with playtime, Barney and Friends, curly locks, and cute adorable baby faced little Court! hahaha enjoy my baby face pictures :)

cute dress! hahhaha oh the good 'ol days!

balls, balls, balls!


Day 9 – A Picture You Took

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Ok people, now this is an amazing picture! hahahaha Not really Picasso, but it is quite fantastic!

Kimi and I went on yet another of our sister adventures to Winco to snag some delicious candy for real cheap!!! When we were walking out of the warehouse they call Winco, candy in tow, a huge truck with a pissy looking princess brushed right past my sweet Carolina (my car…remember I like to name cars!). I really didn’t care that yet another Rosevillian didn’t understand the rules of right-of-way, but was then angered when I got the most rude, disgusting little bee-otch look from this rather rotund young lady. She looked at me as if I just yelled something obscene at her, but all I did was stop my car from crashing into her dipstick boyfriend’s truck, which blew through a stop sign almost denting my rad little Carolina!

Then as I pulled up (riding this douche lords booty just a little bit) I saw this….


“Thick”….oh lord! CHUBBY CHASER!!! hhahahaha
GROSS GROSS GROSS! Like it’s bad enough when people have the skin logo on their cars, but when you make them to fit the “thick” size…gross, it’s all gross! Take your naked silohette pictures off your cars! Thick or slim, I don’t want to see it! hahahah

Did get a really good laugh from this one though :) hahahaha


Day 8 – A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad….not really

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coolest person I have ever known :) My Grandpa :)

So, I know that this day is supposed to be a picture that makes you angry/sad, but there is really no such picture that I can think of that makes me angry/sad. But I guess when thinking of something sad, you always think of loved ones lost or some other tragic sad event. My Grandpa Payne was the coolest dude to walk the face of this earth! (Seriously, coolest dude ever! celebrities don’t have anything on him!)

My Grandpa was a total badass back in the day! He was in the Navy, and had these two tattoos on his arms, before it was “cool” to be all tatted up. He also had this super sarcastic sense of humor…hence my lovely sense of humor…and was hands down the funniest person ever! I was always laughing when I was around him! Another trait I got from my RAD G-Pa was the ability to be the clutsiest, messiest person ever! The runnig joke with my G-Pa was that we couldn’t take him out anywhere, because whenever we ate out it was like his shirts were magnets to whatever he was eating. Never did we all walk out of a restaurant without good ‘ol Grandpa sporting a lovely new stain down the belly of his shirt :)

My Grandpa died when my sister was in kindergarten and I was in the 3rd grade. His death was the first time I really hurt from losing someone because, unlike my Grandma who died when I was 3, I actually had substantial memories with him. We would fart around doing crazy little kid things at their house every Sunday, and he was always the big spender…buying us anything under the sun! From big wheels to barbie dolls it is safe to say that my sister and I were spoiled rotten by this guy :) Even though he left us waaaaay too early, I still remember him and smile whenever I see this picture in our living room :)

Best Grandpa a girl could ever ask for :)


Day 7 – A Photo That Makes You Happy

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me and Kimi :)

This is my favorite picture of me and my little sister Kimi. I think I was 6 or 7, making Kimi about 3 or 4. Back in the days of tucking my shirt into my pants and wearing the most oddball combinations you could ever imagine :) Not to mention the stretchy pants that had designs for every holiday you could ever imagine :)

From this day, I remember that Dad was raking leaves out front, while we were playing with chalk and riding bikes around the neighborhood. Then, after Dad finished raking, he let us jump in the ginormous pile :) To which Mom came out with the camera, and took this pick :) Love this pic, love my swiss and love the memories of growing up and jumping around in leaves :)

Day 6 – 20 of My Favorite Things

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oooh…I get to pick 20!! hahhaa well lets see…

1) Music…Which of course goes deeper to include all the amazing bands that make my playlists absolutely amazing! You all know Pepper is on that list, but other great bands who fall into the music category of my 20 things would be Iration, 311, The Offspring, The Supervillains, Anuhea, The Green, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Drake, Eminem, The B Foundation, Sublime, and Rome to name a few :)

2) Hanging out with my wittle baby swiss!!! hhahaha Kimi and I can seriously just hop in the car and make our way to the most random places in all of Roseville and still have a good time! Examples of our random fun sister adventures include: Winco, Walmart (because the people at walmart are always entertaining), Santa Cruz, Zumiez to argue with the emo manager as to why we love Pepper, Target (always a staple…target has everything you could ever need!), 7-11, the Disney Store, and when we are REALLY bored, the golf course in daisy dukes and collared t’s to get our golf on! hahaha

3) SLURPS!!!!!

this is my crack!

4) My beautiful baby car!!! My car is a silver 2007 Toyota Carolla with the snazy wing tail thingy, adorned with a Pepper and Slightly Stoopid sticker…keep a look out for me…I’m probably bumping tuneage and shamelessly rocking out!

this was before the stoopid sticker :) love my sweet Carolina! hahaha

5) I have this weird love to name cars.  Yup…Alyssa’s car is Napolean, Kimi’s car is Ginga (with an alias of The Red Rocket), Mom’s car is The Silent Assasin, and my first car (a clunker little lovely terd of a car) was named Carl :) Naming cars is fun! You know you’re thinking of what your car would be named right now!

6) Sunny days, reading and laying out by our pool at home in Rosevizzle :)

7) Vans Sneakers…especially ones that are of my favorite type of color, obnoxious neon anything!

i need a pair! i only have a mild pink pair :P

8) Toms Shoes…I love everything about them; the cause, the get a shoe give a shoe point to it, and they are just so nifty!

9) The Beach…specifically Avila Beach :) Best place to go when you are getting bogged down with finals stress at Cal Poly SLO :)

10) Funny People! Not like professional comedians or anything in particular, but just anyone that you randomly meet, or a good friend who can make me laugh.

11) Going to Concerts…I think I might just be addicted, should I go to rehab? hahaha

12) Falling Down! Strange right? But I’m sorry, whenever people fall down (especially when I fall down) it is always hilarious! My favorite is when you fall and try and play it off like nothing happened…I’m sorry sweatheart, but I did see that, and I have to giggle :) hahaha

13) Laughing! It’s something that goes hand in hand with fun adventures, and if you laugh hard enough for long enough….you’re actually burning some serious calories! hahaha

14) Cheesy pick up lines! I have always said that if a guy had the guts to come up to me with a cheeseballer line, I would definitely go on a date with him…I think I will have to take back that statement, but I do still L-O-V-E corny pick up lines! CHEESY PLEASE-Y! hahaha

“Is your last name Cambells? Because you look mmm mmm good!”
“Did you just fart? Because you BLEW me away!”
“Baby I’m like a math book and you’re the student, you solve all my problems” ^^^all time favorite!!!

15) Coming home after a long quarter of school at Cal Poly :)

16) After I come home from my run, my baby Jake (my old bag cute adorable amazing little pupps) is always waiting right there in front of the door for me to come back :)

17) Puddles in a rainstorm…I love stomping in them like a little kid :)

18) DANCING!!!!

19) Coming back to SLO for WOW week! Reuniting with all of your old friends, seeing all of the WOWies wandering hopelessly around campus with their lanyards and Cal Poly gear, and just being back in SLO after 3 months of being back home. The summer vacay really makes me sit back and realize how lucky I am that I get to go to school in SLOparadise :)

20) My notification ringtone on my phone. It is the laugh that Alan from The Hangover (aka Zack Galdo….the weird long last name…you know the awkward brother-in-law). Everytime I hear the obnoxious giggle I always smile, even though everyone around me has come to really dislike the tone, I’m keepin it! It’s cute!  


Day 5 – Your Favorite Quote

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“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”
– James Dean


This quote is sheer amazing-ness! I stumbled upon this quote my senior year in high school while hanging out with my very quircky friend Miss Brianna Bouman (soon to be Brianna Haan in a matter of weeks). Brianna was always the “oddball” friend in highschool. It was like she was blasted here from another decade with all of her knowlege of old movie stars, obsessions over cult classics like THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and well, she is just a goof!

I stayed the night at her house one night, and that was when she paraded me into her room to see her favorite new poster that she searched everywhere for! That poster is the picture at the beginning of this blog post. Being the sheltered ’90’s baby I am, I never heard of James Dean before this poster encounter, but after hearing Brianna rant and rave about this “smokin hot fox” that lived in the golden age of cinema, I fell in love. He truly lived his famous quote to the fullest in his short life. I mean, acting alongside Marilyn Monroe (I think he even dated her), and racing classic cars and motorcycles…this guy was badass!!!

And just think how exciting and wonderful life would be if you personally applied this quote to your life. You never really know what will happen tomorrow, so why do we all live reserved lives until it’s too late? I try and be as spontaneous as my sanity will allow, but I for sure always live my life to the absolute fullest trying to take advantage of every second I have on this earth. When it comes to school, I study hard and do my best to bring home amazing grades, and when it comes to my social life I try and meet as many new people as possible and love going to concerts, and the occasional party, to just dance/sing and have a good time :)

So keep your dreams big, and live this life to the absolute fullest….because no matter what God you believe in, you only have this life and it is unrepeatable, so make it EPIC!!!!!


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