“Tell Me What Your Friends Call You and Let’s Save Some Time…”

November 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

500 awesome points in the book of Courtney if you can name the song and band that is in the title to the blog…I sure hope you can because it is EASY!

The countdown to Thanksgiving break is on like donkey kong and I cannot wait to finally go back home for a quick 5 day break. I miss everything about home!!!

 I miss my Dad and our starbucks life discussions about what I am actually going to do with my life. I love how my Dad has finally accepted that I am a music FREAK and am going to use my degree in computer engineering to (hopefully) revolutionize the live sound industry, and that now when I rant and rave about concerts he is equally as stoked about my stories because he finally gets my passion for this industry and my need to find a way to improve it for all of my favorite bands :)

I miss my Momma and all of her silly Disney Store stories and just her legit mommy ways :) I miss the hugs with the “I just really missed you” attached at the end, the “let me do your laundry,” and the funny driving adventures and other laughs that we always have when I am home and not killing myself with homework and midterms in school.

I miss my baby swiss!!! KIMI I MISS YOU TIMES INFINITY PLUS 1!!!!!! Ps…I didn’t forget that you are turning 17 in two days, but my card will be late…sorry :( But I’m going to pack this package full of goodies (well I have some Pepper stickers, and you know how epic my homemade cards are…get excited I’m purchasing construction paper and art supplies tomorrow during my break to construct your 17th bday card from me, and you’ll even get your own blog post….just like last year :))

And even though I love my fam bam more than anything, there is one little monster that I miss more than anything on this entire planet!

my sweet baby Jake!!! (Jakiepoo! Momma Misses YOU!!!)

BABY CAKES!!!!! MOMMA MISSES YOU JAKIEPOO!!!!!!! Just look at that little monster…how can you not melt at those beady little eyes :( (if you could see me right now I am pouting as I type this because I miss my sweet baby so much!)

But let’s think of the upside; a lot of fun stuff has happened in these last couple of weeks and I have come to realize that I am blessed to have such amazing friends! EMILY (aka my bff and life long sista from another mista) and I had a blasty at Pepper (chronicled below) and are now planning a summertime vacay to the lovely laid back island of Hawaii to get some R&R with some green bottles beachside at her Uncle’s pad! And it was Baby Sho’s (momma Sho’s) 20th bday celebration this last weekend :) Pic’s have yet to be posted of the two of us together so that is a “to be posted” at a later date :)

We had a blasty at her early celebration of goodness at the kilt and then some after party fun back at our awesome pad :) I <3 Sho!!! She is one of the sweetest, funniest, strong minded amazing friends I have ever had and I can’t wait for our many many more fun nights! And today, when I went to my mailbox I got another smille for the day from this little goodie :)


Woop woop!!!! I got second place in a fantourage contest like forever and a decade ago and thought that the Pepper people totally forgot about my prizes! The win was for a copy of Stitches (which you should all buy, it’s super cheap on iTunes so you have no excuse to go buy it…DO IT PEOPLE), a signed poster (since they did a mass signing of posters) and an accessory of choice. Today, after a good month or so of nothing, I got a SIGNED copy of the Stitches EP, 2 posters (unsigned), and a shiz ton of promotional stickers for the EP! I was so stoked to see my signed CD it totally made my day 1,000,000 times better :) Pepper seems to be good at putting a smile on my face with all the good things they do :) So on a side note…if you want a stitches promotional sticker, or maybe 10, email me your adress and I’ll ship em out to you as soon as I can…because I have to have like 100!

Other things that made me smile today:

1) seeing a pea green smart car run a stop sign and get pulled over by UPD on the tripod scooter thing (hahaha DON’T RUN A STOP SIGN!!)

2) Listening to my iPod on shuffle and hearing some good wholesome Pop tuneage that I haven’t listened to since middle school/elementary school.

3) Finishing homework in the library and walking outside to see the sun setting behind Bishop’s peak

4) Coming home to see Sho’s beautiful painting hanging up on the wall instead of being on the floor :)

5) Blogging on the couch with a warm cup of tea, thinking about home and all of the people I love dearly…2 weeks and couting FAM BAM!

So let’s see, that turned into quite a long update! But I actually wanted to get some feedback from all of you on this one!!!!
I don’t know if you readers have noticed, but I am IN LOVE with music!!! All sorts of genre’s are on my list and I really want to hear what all of your favorites are! Please comment with a song that you just love, an album that makes your life better with each play, or an artist that I NEED to know of!!! Once you do that I will give the song/artist/band/album a listen and I promise I will write a rad review on it!

The only reviews that I can really do are of things that I personally experience and that seems to be repeating itself. Don’t get me wrong, I can rave about Pepper, Iration, The B Foundation and all of my other favorite bands that I see on a regular basis all day long, but I want to find something new, something that will inspire me to think of my world a little differently.

So there is your assignment readers! I know you are out there! I see my stats every now and again so let me know what is playing on your ipod, or what band I need to see if they come through SLO!!!! Please and thank you :)

Now, to end this update, I leave you with an amazing song that always makes me smile :)

HAHAHAHHAHA to all your haters! Just do like Cee Lo and say FUCK YOU!!!! ooooh oooh! hahahaha



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