Tis the Season…

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Ok people, if any of you are like me, Christmas shopping is the absolute WORST time of the year! Everywhere is packed by inconsiderate annoying human beings, and every outlet store seems to turn into Disneyland; but without the fun rides and pictures with Mickey Mouse. This picture was taken at our local mall recently, which was the reason as to why it was evacuated. Let me just ask you something:


Seriously? Was this person on crack? Did they forget that about 80% of the mall was just burnt down to smithereens by a crazy nut job and that there is barely any elbow room as is in that hot box of a mall??? Thankfully, I wasn’t in this mob of people, because if I was it would have turned into a HO-HO-rendous event in which Courtney Schenkl transformed into the Incredible Hulk! Why is it that when Christmas comes around, people throw that considerate polite Christmas spirit out the window and act like animals? Seriously though, I really think that once we get into the thick dirty last week before the fat man drops downt he chimney that people just unleash all the anger and awfulness that is living deep within their souls!

Example: When I unfortunately had to go to the mall to help my sister get some shopping done (since I have been done for quite some time now) it was DUMPING rain! And it is a proven fact that after the first big rain that the roads become slick because of oil that was trapped in the asphault and is now all over the top of the road. Well, this lady who drew the little stick at work that day and had to stand outside in the downpour to direct traffic flew me over the edge! When I am driving I am very cautious, especially since my tires have proven time in and again that hydroplaning is one of their favorite activities. So when I approached the stop sign, I started to accelerate slowly and this lady gave me the evil glare. She violently waved her light up stick at me to which I put up my hand and mouthed “relax crazy lady” making solid eye contact. Then this woman had the audasity to YELL at me from the side of the road. What did I do to you?! Because I am being a safe driver and not accelerating to 10 miles an hour when traffic is going a whopping 4 this crazy lady felt the need to yell. So I felt the need to roll down my window, and yell back some holiday cheer while waving my hand, this time with 4 less fingers than before.

This was of course after walking through seas of stuck up yuppies in the mall trying to get in and out of stores to search for that perfect gift for each person in the fam. Let’s just say, next year I am doing ALL of my shopping online! Because this “tis the season” that people turn into douchebags! And I’m sorry, after having to deal with douchebag professors for 10 weeks, my patience with rude and obnoxious people over my pitiful 3 week break from douchieness is at an all time low, and I WILL snap at you if you do any of the following (mind you these all happen every single time that I leave the house):
cut me off
merge into me without signaling (they put blinkers on your car for a reason, use them!)
glare at me for going the speed limit
honk your horn because it took me 2 seconds too long to accelerate through the green light

HO HO HO and a merry freaking Christmas! I can’t wait untill this Santa gift buying craziness is finally over!!!!

Love&Rockets (use your blinkers and don’t be holiday douchebags!)

Dear Santa Claus,

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tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la-LA-LA-LA-LA!

I know that everyone doesn’t believe that you truly exist, but they are obviously all of the whiney little brats that get lumps of coal in their stockings! So, it’s that time of year again, and I just thought I would drop you a little something letting you know what a good girl I have been this year :)

Starting with last January (since that is when this year of me being a good girl started) I got a C+/B average both winter and spring quarter at Cal Poly SLO, I went to see all (yes ALL) of my top favorite bands! Iration and Passafire at SLObrew for the Winter Blackout Tour, Pepper 3 times (twice on the Unity tour for Reno and Paso and in San Fran for the Like a Surgeon Tour), and The B Foundation a total of 3 times too :) (Warped Tour, Santa Cruz, and San Fran!) — see Santa, going to see all of my favorite bands should be seen as some sort of form of charity (since i did give them all money! hahahahha) and all of their tunes have made me more relaxed, positive and happy :)

What else makes me deserving of the “nice list?” Hmmmmm, I restrained from punching my douchebag Chem professor, and Physics professor in the face this quarter for being tenured and terrible teachers; I stayed on budget this last quarter; I am good to my roommates by taking out the trash every single week; and hmmmm, I added my mom on facebook even though I swore I wouldn’t ever allow that to happen! I really can’t think of any more “nice” things I have accomplished, but I think those are all pretty good examples of how good I have been :)

So here is what I would really love for Christmas:

Nikon coolpix L110

Oh isn’t it a beauty?! I would literally give my entire tuition and freedom up for this camera! It is so beautiful! And doesn’t have a removable lens, so I can bring it to shows and actually take pictures and video!!! And I’ll finally be able to retire my shitster little pinky which has a vendetta against me and refuses to take nice pictures and video!!! OH PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE LET THIS BE UNDER MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!!

But if not, I guess I will just have to keep up this “good girl” act untill my 21st birthday, and hope and pray that it is in my bday present next October, cuz we all know, once you hit 21…it is IMPOSSIBLE to be good for Santa’s list anymore!

So other than that, I hope that your reindeer can fly fast so that you won’t be out too late on Christmas Eve, and that you don’t fall off the roof and leave Tim Allen to finish off your job for the night :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Holidays!!


Lonely Hearts Club…

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Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

and if you are lucky enough to celebrate this dreadful holiday all solo…I say we all follow George Watsky’s advice and head on over to the club :)

Thanks for the visit Dad :) hope you had a great 48th birthday….see you, mom and kim in a couple of weeks once this craziness called winter quarter ’10 is finally over. I’m sure that come tomorrow I will have a nice long bolt of lightning blog for you all to enjoy, but for today it’s just another lazy day with lots of chocolate and no date….so happy freakin valentines day!!!

cupid better watch out….if i see him fly by anytime today, i might accidentally throw some stones!!!

“There’s a place on Ocean Avenue, where I used to sit and talk to you, we were both 18 and it felt so right…sleepin’ all day stayin’ up all…NIGHT!”

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FYI…this song is literally fantastically WONDERFUL!!! I love love LOVE this song!!!!

Anywho, other than that…this weekend was the weekend of spending money and having a blasty blast with the roomies :) Mind you, I do have a job now so all the money I spent this weekend will be reimbursed come February 10th when I get my paycheck :)

First item of spendage….I got myself another gnarly piercing! I just couldn’t resist the $20 deal at traditional tattoo…I had a pic of it, but it’s not there anymore and I don’t feel like re-uploading so…you’ll just have to trust that my industrial bar looks LE-git!!!

Second item of spendage…me and the roomies went to Santa Barbara and did a little bit of damage on State ST.  I got a cute little blouse from Forever 21, and a tank top from American Apparel (both totally worth the money ps :)) But after my first trip to Santa Barbara (yes yesterday was the first time I have ever been to Santa Barbara in my entire life time, which was spent completely in CA) I must say that beach towns are always my favorite places to be :)

nothing but palm trees and blue skies

There’s just something about the ambiance of flip flops, v-necks, jeans and ray-bans that makes me feel perfectly at home. Even though it was pretty darn cold in SB yesterday, we still had a blast :) And for the rest of my weekend it’s looking like I will be lazily attempting to do my homework today, and then getting everything done in a quick fashion tomorrow :)

Procrastination is an awful thing, but is just an essential part to being a college student :)

double double toil and trouble!

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it's a stretch...but its ms incredible...saving us (the universe)..HAHA

ok people…so halloween has now come and gone…and im sure that if any of you have a Facebook, you saw about a million and a half posts to your new feeds of everyone’s skank-a-fied outfits. well for us inyo roomies extraordinaire we decided last-minute on these fine gems of costumes. Lorraine looked LE-git in her ms. incredible outfitt…while me, Marisa, and Megan harnessed our creativity to come up with this masterpiece. Behold the universe!


i was the starry night, Marisa was the earth, and megan was the sun….lame but hey…it only cost us like 10 bucks max and it all came together within an hours worth of time!

so yeah…halloween was halloween….nothing special or interesting….but other than that

its NOVEMBER!!! and WEEK 7 more importantly…that means only 3 more weeks of class…then dead week….then finals week…then CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

i really need to get away form San Luis Obispo for a break soon….like really i am so over school it’s not even funny. my daily routine is now down to the point where everything i do every single day is in the same routine as the previous week.

for example…here is my monday morning:

7:20…wake up to blaring drilling sound of my iHome

7:45….walk out the door and into the hallway….put in iPod (this weeks artist of choice has been rebelution–>album=courage to grow)…walk down first flight of stairs…look out the window and the pretty greenery….walk down another flight of stairs…see the stain left by unknown substance that is in the shape of someone making the peace sign with their hand…walk down last flight of stairs and always giggle when i see the pair of boxers chillin on the floor because whoever dropped them out of their laundry basket is too embarrassed to claim them….walk out of the building…as im making my 10 minute hike to class, even though my ear buds are seranading my mind with sweet reggae melodies, i wander off into the danger zone of stress and craziness…CRAP! THIS IS DUE THIS DAY! MIDTERM NEXT MONDAY! QUIZ ON FRIDAY! GROCERIES! OFFICE HOURS! SCHOOL!!!! CRRRAAAAAAPPPPPP!!! but then when i look up from the ground my gaze is met, every single day, by the beautiful bishop’s peak…then i realize its ok….everything will be ok…..look back down, and just when that stress starts to fill my head up yet again…i look up to be greeted by cal poly’s sheep pasture, or the little mountain/hill/whatever you call them, just off in the horizon, or the flowers that line the path past the ag department with little hummingbirds buzzing about.

its then when i realize how lucky i am….i mean really…..i am SOOOOO LUCKY!

enrollment was at an almost all time low when i got accepted last year…this is the best place to be if you want to be an engineer and i got in….its november for crying out loud and i am sitting in my room with the window open, fan blowing, in shorts and a t-shirt because its sunny and 80 degrees out!

Lately my mind seems to wander into the pity me state quite easily….pity on me i have midterms and stress from school and second to last priority for registration next quarter! i really need to cut this whining out! like really as im typing right now, all i have to do is look out my window to see the gorgeous view of bishops peak and i am returned to earth…returned to know that life isnt going to end if i get a bad grade on a test…that life is still going to go about perfectly normal if i have to sit in the library all weekend…and that my friends and everyone who really does care about me will never leave my side….these are all things that seem to plague my mind when a bad day comes around, turning my into a moping emo loserface!

so in essence…this is probably the most stupid pile-o-crazyness that you have read on a blog…but hey….im the first to tell you that i am not that intelligent…and my mind is in a crazy league of its own….so i hope you enjoyed my Halloween/life/stress blog for the week….untill my next crazy blog idea hits me :)

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