“Oh My God, That is STUPID Pretty!” ~ LJ

January 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

This week was a literal cluster “f-word” in my sad little engineering life! Fellow engineers understand, you have those quarters/semesters where your schedule is just gross, and well this quarter is one of those for me. I am in a straight programming class, and I hate it.

I didn’t come to college as a computer scientist, and had no intention on making a career on straight software and programming all day everyday for the rest of my life. I like programming when it is applied, to make hardware useful, that is the definition of being a computer engineer! So yeah, this class sucks, it’s hard, it stresses me out until the point when I burst into frustration induced tears in the library, and it has turned my positive outlook on life into a depressing pity party.

Well, the pity party needs to stop! After last week of being insanely stressed and allowing one class to take over my entire life, I am reevaluating my outlook on school. After having my Dad once again talk me down off of the ledge (basically telling me to snap out of it) I have come to realize that everyone is right, it is just a class. Life isn’t going to end if I fail, and I am going to be the only one disappointed if that outcome happens. SO, in conclusion….if I pass, RAD; if I fail, oh well!

And thank God for MUSIC and wonderful hilarious friends, because seriously they were my savior this past week.


Is my STUPID PRETTY friend LJ! hahahahaha
Along with my other hilarious friends, LJ and her taped nose make me laugh instead of cry when I am trapped in the library and feel like an idiot!

and this song:

Is my current obsession. It’s just so “summer” and brings back memories of my epic summer this past year :)

But for the remainder of Winter quarter 2011, I, Courtney Schenkl pledge to:

  1. No longer allow school to kick my ass
  2. Get a tutor and not feel unintelligent, and just get help so I can get through this class with understanding
  3. Make a point to laugh a good hearty LOL every single day
  4. Find a better way to vent my frustrations and stress
  5. Try and enjoy all of my other classes, and not allow this one class to kill my entire outlook on this quarter

I mean, we still have a whole lot of quarter left, and I am making sure that the last 6 weeks are going to be positive and less ridiculously stressful :)



“The Numbers Don’t Lie Courtney!!” ~ My Crazy Father

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Every father always want his little boy. My Dad is the exception.

He only got my little sister and I, but he still has his boys, and they are literally part of our family. My brothers are of course the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ever since I can remember our house was decorated with Steeler’s footballs, big play lithographs, Jerome Bettis jerseys and autographed trading cards, yellow towels (which up until I was around 10, I thought were in everyone’s garage) and black and yellow hair ribbons and outfits were always worn on certain Sundays. Since day one, my sister and I knew that we were a part of the Steelers nation and we also knew our place on game day.

See, we would watch every game alongside Dad, praying for a win; because the only thing that a loss would bring would be a somber, angry mood throughout the house….so we grew up rooting and cheering for all of our fellow footballing brethren!

This year, my father has come up with quite the theory as to why the Steelers are going to walk away with the Super Bowl win. It is all based on the numbers people! And the numbers all stem from my parents anniversary this year: 7/11/11. The key numbers are “7” and “11,” so get ready for this ridiculously clever theory that my dad has mastered down to a finite science.

  • Ben Roethlisberger is the Steeler’s brute force quarterback, and his jersey # just happens to be 7.
  • Big Ben was also the 1st round 11th draft pick for the Steelers in 2004.
  • Big Ben is also a beast and if 6’5” tall -> 6 + 5 = 11
  • Troy Polamalu is the big defensive player, his jersey # is 43 – 4 + 3 = 7.
  • Rashard Mendenhall, who just had an EPIC GAME with over 100 rushing yards, is jersey # 34: 3 + 4 = 7
  • The phrase “Steelers win” is 11 letters long.
  • The phrase “Packers lose” is 11 letters long.
  • If the Steelers do win this Super Bowl, it will be their 7th Super Bowl win, in the year of 2011 (‘11).
  • Also, the Super Bowl is 7 days prior to my Dad’s birthday!
  • Dad is also retiring (finally no more grumpy Dad having to deal with the shenanigans of Folsom PD) early on 7/7/11
  • If the Steelers win the Super Bowl their record for this season will be 15-4 –> 15 – 4 = 11.

Trust that there are far more combinations that he has told me in the last two weeks, and they really are RIDICULOUS! I don’t know how he comes up with all of the numerological coincidences of 7 and 11 but they are legit!

And by the looks of the AFC championship game against the Jets….

Steelers = 2011 AFC Champs!!! SUPERBOWL BABY!!!!

The numbers don’t lie, and come 2 weeks from now those numbers will hopefully deliver my Dad another early birthday present of watching Big Ben lead the rest of his boys (his substitute sons and favorite children) in taking a knee for the Super Bowl XLV title win. Fingers crossed that his numbers don’t lie!

Love&Rockets&A very HAPPY SUPER BOWL to all!

Day 25 – Your Day in Detail

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Ok, you want detail, well there isn’t much that goes hand in hand with my day yesterday :)

First, I woke up at 9:47am and listened to this song! Which happens to be one of my favorites, and if you really want to know how my day was in great detail…you should listen and follow along on this uneventful day of summertime glory :)

Then, hmm let’s see….I watched the boob tube for a little while. Checked the blog stats to see that “you like me! you really like me!” And I still don’t understand the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”…how do you NOT know?! I don’t get it! As I was watching this trainwreck (because you can’t look away) I also noticed that the actors in the recreations ALWAYS look about a good 10 times more attractive than the actual people that are going through their story. HAHAHHA funny!

After getting bored and losing attention on these silly naiive women, I turned to youTube to entertain me with some good tuneage that I was too lazy to go set up my iPod to the iHome to listen to :) Hmmm, I think I will leave you with the first 2 I went to :)

ok…don’t murder me! But it’s catchy! And I just love the part where she’s like “Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight!”…so yeah, don’t hate!

I can’t WAIT for this to come out!!!!! Oct. 12th keep an eye out for the EP STITCHES by the great Pepper ;)

Then…hmmm, well yeah I farted around on facebook and twitter and youtube untill around 12:45 when my homeskillz came over to spend some quality summer time with me!

Yes, Megan (aka Yamma my Llamma) and I went to get a delicious boba treat, and then braved the (no joke) 107 degree sun to lay out and work on getting rid of my B Foundation rectangular sticker tan…which of course did not work! Since it was 107 degrees outside!!!! So instead we stood in the pool and chatted for a while. Then made our way inside to do one of our favorite activities…facebook creep and fantasize! You know you all facebook creep! Looking through peoples pictures, paroozing through their albums…no harm! hahaha
The fantasizing is a long story that started when Megan and I were bored out of our minds one night and didn’t want to study anymore…pretty sure it was probably dead week winter quarter! See Megan is in love with a certain Olympian, so we like to go through scenarios of what would happen if they ever bumped into each other! hahahha it’s always a huge tangent of lots of laughs :)

Then Yamma peaced out around 5, and I went back to lounging. Cleaned the dog’s ears, layed on the ground under the fan since it was FREAKING HOT outside, ate dinner, watched Big Brother, lounged some more and then went to bed around 11:30….
And my bedtime song of choice was this gem :) I mean how can you not smile when you listen to this amazing tune by 311? And don’t you wish Nick Hexum was singing just to you??? hahhha maybe not, but he is a FOX and this song is just calm, relaxing musical greatness :)

…and after that seranade, I was off into la la land for yet another day of 108 weather, lounging in the pool and listening to tunes :) You just have to LOVE summer and another month untill it’s back to the grind at Cal Poly SLO!


“The ‘B’ is for BUILDING BRIDGES!”

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Be prepared! This is yet another long recap of 2 weeks, and 2 rad nights hanging with the coolest peeps out of SoCal…The B Foundation!

The B Foundation :)

If you have no idea who The B Foundaiton is, or what they are about, let me take a minute to introduce them to you. From the left, we have Ian, Patrick, Jason, and Tyler who are super rad beyond belief and rock peoples socks off for a living with a ska/punk/reggae type of vibe (their sound is hard to describe because it can be put into so many different categories :)) As you all remember, there is a little website that they call Fantourage, where you can go and waste hours of your life trying to earn points to get free stuff from your favorite bands, and other chains that are featured on the website :)

Back when I was failing at putting up a fight to win the Pepper VIP contest, to try and score more points I came up with an amazing plan that was a total win win for me. I made The B Foundation a page so that they could start putting on their own crazy contests in hopes that Jason would add on to Pepper’s page to score me some points. It worked! I still lost the VIP contest miserably, but the silver lining was, since I was on psycho point grubbing mode from that contest, I was now kicking ass and taking names in The B Foundation’s Contest! Because one thing about me is, if I make the site, have the “founding fan” badge, you best believe that I am GOING to win the contest! Which I did, by a landslide! (I had 12,200 points at the end of the contest…2nd place had 3,600 points…yeah I owned!)

Since I owned the site, my win was to get into Warped Tour for free to go see these rad dudes kill it on Kevin’s Stage! Instead of getting mailed a ticket and showing up with a friend, I was big pimpin’ on the guest list, with my Fantourage BFF misss Emily! hahaha
People still don’t really believe that we never met untill a good 24 hours before the show, but that’s what The B Foundation is all about! Building bridges! Making buds! hahahha (inside joke).

Upon arriving to Sleep Train Ampitheater…by the most bass ackwards way thanks to Pam (my gps)…we headed over to the best band tent in whole pavement jungle…THE B FOUNDATION of course! We took a fat stack of flyers and stickers and made our way walking through the entire space getting people to sport some stickers and get to the show at 3:10!

stickers are fun, but sticker tans are SEXY!

“Do you like reggae music?” That was the question of the day. Going up to anyone who had a hint of rasta colors on, skinny jeans with a surfer tank, or just someone who looked like they would have a raging good time at The B Foundation’s 20 minute set was greeted by Emily and I. After a good hour getting rid of a FAT stack of flyers and tagging everyone (including security guards) with rad B Foundation stickers, we made our way back to the tent to see what else we could do.


We were given a little breakskie, to watch Tyler construct a legit sign! But after watching people just mosey on by the tent without giving the guys a second glance, we were back to the grind! I mean there needed to be a crowd, and if we had to sweat working the sign and tagging peeps with stickers, we were SO DOWN! Just a note to all the posers out there though that we did notice:

  • Don’t be rude to people who just want to give you a flyer. It’s warped tour, get used to it!
  • If you are wearing rasta colors, but don’t like reggae music, then you are a walking contradiction and should be prepared to have a new nickname, especially if you keep walking by is a pissy mood! (aka RASTA BRA!)

Other than that we had a good success rate! Got lots of peeps to buy some merch, listen to the tuneage, and ultimately make it to the show…


 …which we saw from backstage of course…JUST KIDDING, we were in a tunnel…JUST KIDDING, technically the side of the stage! The guys killed it with all the essentials! Dirty Girls, Rincon, Bloo Bucket, Too Damn Tough, and there was at least one more, I just can’t remember :) After the set, we just chilled with Dave…ahhhh-ooooooooOOOH…selling merch, drawin on staches, juggling and just fartin around :)

Then we had a little sexy dance party in the bus, watching Ian and Tyler bust a move! hahahha
But that was basically warped in a jist…hot, insane, crazy, rad, rockin’, and ultimately exhausting fun :)

Here are a couple pics from warped just for your viewing pleasure before we go down memory lane for Santa Cruz :)…

Ian on drums, killin it of course!

woot woot! Jason on bass!

donde esta Emily?? hahaha

I still think the funniest thing about all of warped was the fact that they really didn’t believe it that Emily and I just met the day before, I guess we just look like BFF’s…just kidding we hate each other, just kidding we’re twins separated at birth, just kidding we really are new BFFs! hahaha (ps Emily went crazy with this Kristin Wigg impersonation from an SNL sketch, that’s the whole just kidding nonsense).

So now that warped was done, we decided the only logical thing to do, would be to go see them yet again the next week in Santa Cruz!…duh, that is the only logical option!

So for Santa Cruz, I brought along the lil swiss and her BF to help get some more peeps there for The B Foundation, not just Trevor Hall. We of course got there super duper early to which we got some grub, went on a mad dash around town to find tampons (nice planning Kim), and then chilled in Borders, where it was warm to wait for my other half EMILY, which just happened to be my twinsie that night too! hahhaa not kidding, check it!

sportin' shorts and our B Foundation T's! cute!

When we walked in, I was a little creeped out by the fact that everyone was sitting down. Not sitting in chairs, or sitting on items, but sitting criss cross applesauce trying to claim their prime spots for Trevor Hall. What the ______!!!!! You don’t sit down at concerts!!! What were these people thinking?! Were they trying to take a nap or something? 

Since Emily and I did drive 3 hours to get to SC from two different places, we begged and pleaded for them to play “Aint Coming Home Tonight”…which really isn’t the usual rocking B Foundation song, but i don’t know, it’s just a good song, like west side story jazzy beat with finger snaps! hahaha We didn’t care, we wanted to hear it! But of course, it didn’t make the set list, which we peeked at. Bummmmmer! Anywho, we were definitely pumped to see these guys blow these sit down concert goers out of their seats when they took the stage. Being the only people standing, The four of us took our places in front of the stage, in front of some lazy Trevor Hall fans that refused to stand up…LAME!

Ian...sound checkin' it!

 So the show began, and people actually stood up! Surprising because they looked so content with a nap on the ground there! But knowing the guys, they weren’t going to let that party fail go unnoticed, and had a little sit down pow-wow themselves, to which we all joined in for a very loooong song!

Pat! criss cross applesauce! TIME TO ROCK!


Then, with two songs left on the set list, the guys decided to ask the audiance what we wanted to hear. Emily, very loudly, asked again for her song…”Aint Comin’ Home Tonight”….hahHAHAHAH oh goodness.
Jason told her to take her shirt off to play it, and well Emily really wanted to hear it, so she did it! hahahhaHHAHAHAHAHHHA I still can’t believe she whipped her shirt off to hear the tune! But hey, they played it! And we ROCKED along to it! In Emily’s case, with no shirt! hahaha OH WHAT A NIGHT! I swear whenever Me and Emily are at a show, especially with these guys, it’t nothing but laughs, dance offs and good times! hahahhaa LOVE THE B FOUNDATION! And especially LOVE Jason!!!

we <3 Jason!

If it weren’t for trying to bribe him into joining fantourage and starting some B Foundation Contest, we wouldn’t have had nearly the crazy fun time we had at Warped and Santa Cruz! YOU GUYS ARE BEYOND RAD! Can’t wait for them to roll through SLO again! Because you best believe I will be there, FRONT ROW BEEE- OTCH! Cuz it just has to happen when the B is in town!


Day 23 – A Youtube Video

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OH MY GOSH YES! I have been waiting for this day!!! This video is AMAZING!!!!!!! The next “David After Dentist”…but now it’s a grumpy Geoffrey, who did NOT have a fun time at the zoo :) Sit back and enjoy this silly little kid!


Day 21 – A Recipe of Yours

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Hmmm….This subject is actually quite laughable, since I am nowhere near a master chef!

So here is a simple recipe that I make on an almost daily basis when home in SLO for school. It’s safe to say this is a staple meal in my diet :)


2 Slices of bread (preferably whole wheat)
2 Slices of cheese

Cooking Process of choice:
Take bread slices, butter the outside
Place Cheese slices inside of the bread
Place sandwich in a George Forman
Wait around 3 minutes
Open George Forman
Cut Sandwich into slices
Enjoy your very own delicious grilled cheese sandwich :)


Day 14 – A Non-Fiction Book

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I think it’s safe to say that any book by Chelsea Handler is going to be on my list of favorites! She is just ridiculously funny, and all of her (somewhat unrelated) memoirs inside of this book are so off the wall and insane, you will literally laugh out loud when reading this. So make yourself a nice martini, lay out by the pool, and prepare to laugh when you open up this memoir :)


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