“The Numbers Don’t Lie Courtney!!” ~ My Crazy Father

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Every father always want his little boy. My Dad is the exception.

He only got my little sister and I, but he still has his boys, and they are literally part of our family. My brothers are of course the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ever since I can remember our house was decorated with Steeler’s footballs, big play lithographs, Jerome Bettis jerseys and autographed trading cards, yellow towels (which up until I was around 10, I thought were in everyone’s garage) and black and yellow hair ribbons and outfits were always worn on certain Sundays. Since day one, my sister and I knew that we were a part of the Steelers nation and we also knew our place on game day.

See, we would watch every game alongside Dad, praying for a win; because the only thing that a loss would bring would be a somber, angry mood throughout the house….so we grew up rooting and cheering for all of our fellow footballing brethren!

This year, my father has come up with quite the theory as to why the Steelers are going to walk away with the Super Bowl win. It is all based on the numbers people! And the numbers all stem from my parents anniversary this year: 7/11/11. The key numbers are “7” and “11,” so get ready for this ridiculously clever theory that my dad has mastered down to a finite science.

  • Ben Roethlisberger is the Steeler’s brute force quarterback, and his jersey # just happens to be 7.
  • Big Ben was also the 1st round 11th draft pick for the Steelers in 2004.
  • Big Ben is also a beast and if 6’5” tall -> 6 + 5 = 11
  • Troy Polamalu is the big defensive player, his jersey # is 43 – 4 + 3 = 7.
  • Rashard Mendenhall, who just had an EPIC GAME with over 100 rushing yards, is jersey # 34: 3 + 4 = 7
  • The phrase “Steelers win” is 11 letters long.
  • The phrase “Packers lose” is 11 letters long.
  • If the Steelers do win this Super Bowl, it will be their 7th Super Bowl win, in the year of 2011 (‘11).
  • Also, the Super Bowl is 7 days prior to my Dad’s birthday!
  • Dad is also retiring (finally no more grumpy Dad having to deal with the shenanigans of Folsom PD) early on 7/7/11
  • If the Steelers win the Super Bowl their record for this season will be 15-4 –> 15 – 4 = 11.

Trust that there are far more combinations that he has told me in the last two weeks, and they really are RIDICULOUS! I don’t know how he comes up with all of the numerological coincidences of 7 and 11 but they are legit!

And by the looks of the AFC championship game against the Jets….

Steelers = 2011 AFC Champs!!! SUPERBOWL BABY!!!!

The numbers don’t lie, and come 2 weeks from now those numbers will hopefully deliver my Dad another early birthday present of watching Big Ben lead the rest of his boys (his substitute sons and favorite children) in taking a knee for the Super Bowl XLV title win. Fingers crossed that his numbers don’t lie!

Love&Rockets&A very HAPPY SUPER BOWL to all!


“We’re Dancin’ Like We’re Dumb-Dumb-Du-Du-Du-DUMB!” ~ Crazy Hot Mess They Call Ke$ha

January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

So, I swear I don’t usually blog on this constant of a basis, but this here diddy had to be done! My mom was looking through old pictures for my little sister’s yearbook add since she is a big bad senior this year. If your high school was/is anything like mine was, every year the senior parents pay a hefty price to post some embarrassingly adorable baby pictures in the back of the yearbook along with a sweet message that always follows the form of “blah blah blah so proud blah blah blah good luck blah blah blah we know nothing but good things are in your future! Congrats Grad!” Well when we get closer to this momentous milestone in my little sister’s life I will be sure to write her a cheeseballin’ diddy on this here blog because yearbooks can catch on fire but the internet and this here blog will be here forever; but that is besides the point!

When looking through the old baby face pictures my sister sent me copies of her favorites, and well I just have to share them because damn…we were adorable little nuggets, and these made me smile today after 6 (count them 6!) hours of lab and having to listen to a recorded lecture on Y-Y Mulitphase Balanced Phases. So…

Step 1: Press play and join me in a good giggle at these baby face good memories of the good ‘ol days! Back when Barney was way cooler than Jersey Shore, and matching stretchy pants outfits were what all the popular kids in the sandbox were wearing :)

Me holding my little sushi roll :) Her words, not mine

Cute floral outfit Court, nice chubbs Kim! hahahaha

Pink Jellyz Sandals and White Lacy Socks...Classy Stuff Right There

First: I look like a little boy! Second: that face is "Jesus Mom put your camera away! I'm just feeding her!" Kim looks like she is thinking "why the HELL did they give her the bottle! Please find a more compitent feeder!" oh the good old days

Kimi is rocking the super CHEESE smile and I am a little more interested in my sippy cup and whatever is on my Little Mermaid Plate :)

I got my little sister at WalMart :) Best purchase I've ever made!


Dear My Beautiful Baby Swiss,

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Hi there love! I miss you times infinity plus one and a bottle of rum!!! (arrrrrhhhhh matey!) I have no idea why I said that, maybe it’s because my facebook language setting is on English(Pirate) and all I see everytime I look on there is “so and so marked on your plank…arrrhhhh!” hahahhaa Ok so where should we start here?

Well, last year I told you about the story of how I met you the day after your very fist “birthday” (isn’t it technically your 0th birthday? strange) but this year I am going to tell you everything that I like about you. Don’t get creeped out now little swiss, I was inspired by this here youtube video to just stand on my counter (well really sit on my couch with my laptop) and shout out everything thing I LOVE about you on your 17th birthday!

So here it goes:

Kimberly Christine Schenkl YOU ARE GREAT! I like your face! I like your weird memories of obscure things that happened back when you were three that you seem to remember perfectly and in depth detail! I like your “good choose” and how you still stand by the fact that, that phrase is indeed proper English! I like you even though you steal all of my good comfy sweat pants! I like your awesome eyebrow waxing skills…even though I still think you had way too much fun out of causing me pain! I like your “artsy fartsy-ness!” I like that you were a prom queeen! I like that you are the only prom queen to ever leave Woodcreek that can kick major ass! I like that you’re a pro ass kicker…green belt…KIA!!! I like your mean awesome sense of humor! I like your grandma driving! I like your awesome GINGAH car! I like your “Kimi-isms!” I like your lyrics to Iration’s song “hmawhassa immma crossing that line lalamassa I was doing just fine!” I like your fat kid tendancies and our late night heffer runs! I like your monster hugs when I come back form school! I like that you are bomb.com (and I’m SO PROUD) that you are the HEAD Editor of the Yearbook! I like how you want to come to Cal Poly! I like that you agree with me that Jake (the dog not human) is a whiny little terd and that he shouldn’t get attention for his whimpers or gags-for-playtime antics! I like that you dance like a loser…when you’re with me at least! I like that you BUMP Passafire in your car in Rosevizzle! I like that you aren’t afraid to be the first person to laugh at yourself! I like how strong you have become as a person! I like how confident you are in yourself! I like it when you call me big PA-PPA! (sorry had to) I like that you don’t take my shit! I like that I can tell you anything! I like that you are a “tooter” because you work for Tootie Melon! I like how you are going to try and get unemployment for the mall burning down! I like that you like to LAUGH! I like it when I’m bored in my room and you come in and are bored with me! I like it when we go to target to be one with our people….the fellow losers of Roseville who have nothing better to do than go to target! I like that you are all grown up now! I like that you are such an amazing human being with a wonderful personality!

And to sum it all up….I LIKE YOU A LOT!!!!!!

I hope that year 17 brings you nothing but laughs, adventures, and amazing new experiences! I wish you all of the luck in the world on getting into whatever school makes you happy and I just really want you to know how ridiculously PROUD I am of you! I know that nothing but great things are in store for you for the rest of your future! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWISS!!!! Go get some Bawls and use your id to go see your first ever Rated R movie all by yourself!!!! I love you more than any other person in this world because you just know me. We have that weird sister brain wave function where we just know! I love love LOVE you!!!!!! …and I love our swiss adventures :)

...like raging in SLO for Iration!!!

...and the days of mullet hair cuts, tucking in our shirts and stomping through leaves!

So in conclusion, I was going to construct you an epic card of Courtney AWESOMENESS, but it wouldn’t make it to you untill like I came home. So, instead I dedicated this blog to you! Think of it as your very own viral birthday card :) And to complete this card I give you this very special swiss inspired happy birthday song!

Happy Birthday Swiss, blow out your candles, make a wish, and I hope all of your birthday dreams come true!


“Tell Me What Your Friends Call You and Let’s Save Some Time…”

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500 awesome points in the book of Courtney if you can name the song and band that is in the title to the blog…I sure hope you can because it is EASY!

The countdown to Thanksgiving break is on like donkey kong and I cannot wait to finally go back home for a quick 5 day break. I miss everything about home!!!

 I miss my Dad and our starbucks life discussions about what I am actually going to do with my life. I love how my Dad has finally accepted that I am a music FREAK and am going to use my degree in computer engineering to (hopefully) revolutionize the live sound industry, and that now when I rant and rave about concerts he is equally as stoked about my stories because he finally gets my passion for this industry and my need to find a way to improve it for all of my favorite bands :)

I miss my Momma and all of her silly Disney Store stories and just her legit mommy ways :) I miss the hugs with the “I just really missed you” attached at the end, the “let me do your laundry,” and the funny driving adventures and other laughs that we always have when I am home and not killing myself with homework and midterms in school.

I miss my baby swiss!!! KIMI I MISS YOU TIMES INFINITY PLUS 1!!!!!! Ps…I didn’t forget that you are turning 17 in two days, but my card will be late…sorry :( But I’m going to pack this package full of goodies (well I have some Pepper stickers, and you know how epic my homemade cards are…get excited I’m purchasing construction paper and art supplies tomorrow during my break to construct your 17th bday card from me, and you’ll even get your own blog post….just like last year :))

And even though I love my fam bam more than anything, there is one little monster that I miss more than anything on this entire planet!

my sweet baby Jake!!! (Jakiepoo! Momma Misses YOU!!!)

BABY CAKES!!!!! MOMMA MISSES YOU JAKIEPOO!!!!!!! Just look at that little monster…how can you not melt at those beady little eyes :( (if you could see me right now I am pouting as I type this because I miss my sweet baby so much!)

But let’s think of the upside; a lot of fun stuff has happened in these last couple of weeks and I have come to realize that I am blessed to have such amazing friends! EMILY (aka my bff and life long sista from another mista) and I had a blasty at Pepper (chronicled below) and are now planning a summertime vacay to the lovely laid back island of Hawaii to get some R&R with some green bottles beachside at her Uncle’s pad! And it was Baby Sho’s (momma Sho’s) 20th bday celebration this last weekend :) Pic’s have yet to be posted of the two of us together so that is a “to be posted” at a later date :)

We had a blasty at her early celebration of goodness at the kilt and then some after party fun back at our awesome pad :) I <3 Sho!!! She is one of the sweetest, funniest, strong minded amazing friends I have ever had and I can’t wait for our many many more fun nights! And today, when I went to my mailbox I got another smille for the day from this little goodie :)


Woop woop!!!! I got second place in a fantourage contest like forever and a decade ago and thought that the Pepper people totally forgot about my prizes! The win was for a copy of Stitches (which you should all buy, it’s super cheap on iTunes so you have no excuse to go buy it…DO IT PEOPLE), a signed poster (since they did a mass signing of posters) and an accessory of choice. Today, after a good month or so of nothing, I got a SIGNED copy of the Stitches EP, 2 posters (unsigned), and a shiz ton of promotional stickers for the EP! I was so stoked to see my signed CD it totally made my day 1,000,000 times better :) Pepper seems to be good at putting a smile on my face with all the good things they do :) So on a side note…if you want a stitches promotional sticker, or maybe 10, email me your adress and I’ll ship em out to you as soon as I can…because I have to have like 100!

Other things that made me smile today:

1) seeing a pea green smart car run a stop sign and get pulled over by UPD on the tripod scooter thing (hahaha DON’T RUN A STOP SIGN!!)

2) Listening to my iPod on shuffle and hearing some good wholesome Pop tuneage that I haven’t listened to since middle school/elementary school.

3) Finishing homework in the library and walking outside to see the sun setting behind Bishop’s peak

4) Coming home to see Sho’s beautiful painting hanging up on the wall instead of being on the floor :)

5) Blogging on the couch with a warm cup of tea, thinking about home and all of the people I love dearly…2 weeks and couting FAM BAM!

So let’s see, that turned into quite a long update! But I actually wanted to get some feedback from all of you on this one!!!!
I don’t know if you readers have noticed, but I am IN LOVE with music!!! All sorts of genre’s are on my list and I really want to hear what all of your favorites are! Please comment with a song that you just love, an album that makes your life better with each play, or an artist that I NEED to know of!!! Once you do that I will give the song/artist/band/album a listen and I promise I will write a rad review on it!

The only reviews that I can really do are of things that I personally experience and that seems to be repeating itself. Don’t get me wrong, I can rave about Pepper, Iration, The B Foundation and all of my other favorite bands that I see on a regular basis all day long, but I want to find something new, something that will inspire me to think of my world a little differently.

So there is your assignment readers! I know you are out there! I see my stats every now and again so let me know what is playing on your ipod, or what band I need to see if they come through SLO!!!! Please and thank you :)

Now, to end this update, I leave you with an amazing song that always makes me smile :)

HAHAHAHHAHA to all your haters! Just do like Cee Lo and say FUCK YOU!!!! ooooh oooh! hahahaha


Looks Like “Reality” is Reeling It’s Ugly Head Again

September 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Today: Woke up to realize that I only have 5 days left at home
– Went shopping for non parishables with Dad at Target
– Looked at my class schedule just to get a good laugh at how my life will return to stressful hell in a matter of 2 weeks.

Tomorrow: Need to order my transcript from that JC so that my philosophy credits can transfer :)

So far that is all that’s on my radar of things to do with my last 5 days at home. A bittersweet feeling of being so excited to just get back to college life and start year 3, but then being a little sad when I see the lil swiss getting more and more bummed at the reality that our sister adventures will have to be put on hold untill Thanksgiving. Or seeing the puppy dog (not really a puppy since Jake is now 10 I believe) waiting for my return when I come back from a run, knowing that come 2 weeks I will just be greeted by the shoes in the hallways when I get back from a SLO run; no puppy dog with wagging tail to say hello anymore.

But, on the bright side, I’ll be back in SLO! Back with friends, back to laughs, back to the beach, back to tutoring, back to being a little bit more grown up. So for now, I am just soaking up every little boring moment I have left at home in Roseville, because although I might not miss it now, or next week, I will miss everything and everyone that goes with HOME eventually :)


Day 10 – A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You

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I like to think I was a pretty adorable little nugget :) Here are two pictures of me back in the days of the terrible two’s, filled with playtime, Barney and Friends, curly locks, and cute adorable baby faced little Court! hahaha enjoy my baby face pictures :)

cute dress! hahhaha oh the good 'ol days!

balls, balls, balls!


Day 8 – A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad….not really

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coolest person I have ever known :) My Grandpa :)

So, I know that this day is supposed to be a picture that makes you angry/sad, but there is really no such picture that I can think of that makes me angry/sad. But I guess when thinking of something sad, you always think of loved ones lost or some other tragic sad event. My Grandpa Payne was the coolest dude to walk the face of this earth! (Seriously, coolest dude ever! celebrities don’t have anything on him!)

My Grandpa was a total badass back in the day! He was in the Navy, and had these two tattoos on his arms, before it was “cool” to be all tatted up. He also had this super sarcastic sense of humor…hence my lovely sense of humor…and was hands down the funniest person ever! I was always laughing when I was around him! Another trait I got from my RAD G-Pa was the ability to be the clutsiest, messiest person ever! The runnig joke with my G-Pa was that we couldn’t take him out anywhere, because whenever we ate out it was like his shirts were magnets to whatever he was eating. Never did we all walk out of a restaurant without good ‘ol Grandpa sporting a lovely new stain down the belly of his shirt :)

My Grandpa died when my sister was in kindergarten and I was in the 3rd grade. His death was the first time I really hurt from losing someone because, unlike my Grandma who died when I was 3, I actually had substantial memories with him. We would fart around doing crazy little kid things at their house every Sunday, and he was always the big spender…buying us anything under the sun! From big wheels to barbie dolls it is safe to say that my sister and I were spoiled rotten by this guy :) Even though he left us waaaaay too early, I still remember him and smile whenever I see this picture in our living room :)

Best Grandpa a girl could ever ask for :)


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