“I Live My Daydreams In Music” ~ Albert Einstein

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So, recently I was bored and snooping on other people’s twitter conversations (don’t lie to yourself now, we all creep on ALL forms of social networking) and noticed two of my tweeps having a fantasizing day dream on my live news feed. I just laughed as I saw that little tweeting convo because they were taking part in my absolute favorite day dream of all time!!!!

That daydream of course, is my dream….


Yes, I may be a crazy music fanatic that can rage with the boys and talk sports, but I am still a girl (don’t act surprised now) and have daydreamed about my dream wedding just like every other female in the world! So…would you like to know what’s on my mind? My daydreaming mind?

Good, because I am in the mood to do a random blog and this seemed like a fun little doozie to write about!

Part 1: The Guy
A very integral part of this whole “marriage” thing would have to be a husband. Now, don’t fret, my list of things I want/need in a guy is very short, actually it’s a whopping 2 items long:
1.   He has to have a sense of humor.
2.   He has to be able to deal with me….for the rest of his life!

#2 seems very simple right? Someone who thinks I’m the bee’s knees….but it isn’t, because I…well I’m not your average “Georgia peach” kind of girl. I obsess over my favorite bands, some people call me a groupie (which is so not true!), I’m OCD about a certain # of things including cleanliness in public areas in the house (like living room and kitchen) but I need my mess! My room is always a form of mess! The mess might be a pile of “life” all over the floor, my bed is NEVER made, and my little piles of what some may see as “clutter” are actually very organized mess! So organized that it is only when I hyper clean my room that I lose items! So he has to be able to deal with my mess.
The other major roadblock to #2 is that I am not so great with stress. Normal people will lose their phone momentarily and just calmly look for it, me on the other hand, if I ever lose anything it is a world war III CATASTROPHE as I flip from calm to full blown nervous breakdown whenever anything isn’t working perfectly. And lets see, I am kind of neurotic (if haven’t been able to tell) so I need to find a man who can deal with my crazy ways and basically calm me down with the perfect joke or anything…basically he has to be the ying to my yang!

Part 2: The Proposal (oh yeah this is an in depth daydream)
So now that I have found my perfect guy (who preferably is taller than me, and not some skinny twig!…I can’t look fatter than my man…I don’t want to look like I would crush him!) it’s time for him to step it up and propose! I don’t want a big fatty diamond, just a little something, OOH actually I just want a diamond encrusted band! No fat rock, why you ask? Well lets see, I have never liked wearing rings, and the simpler the better! Give me a nice band that won’t get in the way, won’t fall off, isn’t obnoxious and has a <3 felt funny little engraving and I will be a happy girl!
The one thing I ask of my daydream husband is that he HAS TO ask my Dad for permission to marry me. That’s it, not too bad, he doesn’t bite, and he is my #1 homie from the male race, so you have to prove you love me by talking to him (in person) and manning up to ask him if you can marry me…I highly doubt he would say no :)
The actual proposal I can’t daydream about because I want it to be a total surprise! I don’t care if it’s cheesy and a total cliche….I like cheesy, I like original, and if it makes me go “awwwwwwwwwwwww” then you know it is the perfect way to propose to me!

Part 3: The Big Kahuna
So after putting a ring on it, my dream man better be prepared for things to get over with…quickly! I don’t want to be a crazy couple who is terminally engaged, I just want to plan it out fast and get it over with, all while keeping “our” wallets unharmed :) Since I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, and since I am a female engineer, I predict that when I do get married I (and the hubbs) will have a nice steady engineering income, so in a perfect world (my daydream world) our wedding is going to be a legit destination wedding.
I’ve said in the past that Hawaii would be ideal….but this is a daydream, so I’m thinking outside of the box and I’m thinking Greece!


I mean just look at that! IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!! I would seriously be down to scope out a random street a couple days in advanced and light some candles to make a little aisle and get married at this exact time of day on a random street in the middle of Greece! The guest list will only include a couple of very important peoples. My parents, his parents, siblings, absolute necessity immediate family members (not every freaking branch on his family tree!) and the quintessential friends. Because see, at my wedding there will be no wedding party! (yeah that’s how small I want it!) So since there won’t be matching dreadful dresses, and cheesy tuxedo buddies, those that would be considered wedding party friends (aka best friends) would be the only “friends” invited to the wedding. I’m thinking, absolute max amount of people being like 40…50 would be pushing it!

Now, the dress…because I mean hello, it is one of the biggest parts of a wedding! I could care less what my husband wants to wear! If he wants to wear a full on tux, GO FOR IT! If he wants to wear khaki shorts and a white dress shirt GO RIGHT AHEAD! His wardrobe choice can be anything (minus something ridiculous..this is a wedding) and I won’t care, because all I know is that my dress will be gorgeous!….something like this:


See this would be perfect for Greece! Wispy, flowy, and just beautiful!
Since I have come to learn, in my short 20 years of experience, that God has put me aside as one to stay out of heals, I will wear a cute sparkly sandal with this gorgeous dress, hair down with big (sexy) curls, no vail, just a sparkly tasteful headband….possibly hippie headbanded because it would still go with the Grecian vibe.
Since wedding ceremonies are what…like 15 minutes tops…ours won’t be extravagant! There will be an “aisle” but no formal seating, just standing of friends and fam gathered around us for a warm intimate setting. The hubbs momma bear/pops should get officiated and marry us since my parents will be giving me away, so now his parents are involved in the actual wedding part of this debockle. We will write our own vows, but differently than most.
I think that my writing is dreadful when it comes to conveying some deep subject…so in order for my vows not to blow (since we all know my future husband would know the absolute perfect thing to say leaving me looking like a faktard!) I want to make the rule that we will only even begin to think of our vows the day of ceremony! From this, it’s literally just the the sweet nothings from our cute chesseball little <3’s!
After the ceremony is over, it is now time to PAR-TAY!
I plan on getting my dance on in some fum little restaurant type of reception setting with good food, lovely family, lots of laughs and lots of bubbly! And throughout it all we will have a really expensive, wonderful photographer there to document every cute little blushing smile, big smooch and cake to face food fight! hahahhahaha I mean, personally, I am only getting married once…and my guy will have the sense of humor that cake is going to FLY!…because in all realness…I’m only going to wear that dress once, I don’t really like chocolate cake, and I would much rather open up that dress box after 20 years and see a cake stained dress and laugh until I cry than stare at a gorgeous pristine dress that will forever be trapped inside of a box!

So there ya have it…my daydream ideal perfect world wedding :)

Too bad the real life wedding of me would probably be a court house wedding that takes like zero money and is just done fast and with fam and close friends….because like I said before….I’m a little neurotic, and VERY impatient! hahahaha


Enjoy the rest of your week, and smile :)

ps: if you need a song to pick up your spirits this would be the perfect pick from me today…and it goes perfectly with this bloggity blog! :)


Day 29 – Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next 365 Days

August 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here are some things I would like to accomplish within the next year:

  • I would love to make the Dean’s List again, at least one quarter in the upcoming school year
  • West Beach Music Festival with my Team Canada peeps in Santa Barbara
  • Go to more shows than last year! I want to see Iration, iLL Scarlett (maybe), Supervillains, The B Foundation (of course), Pepper, Anuhea, Passafire, and I would LOVE to see Tyrone Wells again, he is amazing!
  • Spring Break in Canada
  • Enjoy my weekends a lot more than I did last year
  • Really find out more about myself as a person (cheesy I know, but that’s what college is all about)
  • Get an internship for a hardware concentrating company
  • Try and get on board with a professor (Tina to be specific) to see if I could get in on any of her research projects for my future senior project, because she is the most inspiring professor I have had the pleasure of having since being in Cal Poly.
  • Hang out with Lindsay more often, I miss my birdie!
  • Laugh more than cry
  • I would LOVE to be able to be like the health nuts in SLO and run up to the top of Bishops

And finally, I just hope that this year is 10 times more fun than the previous :)


Day 25 – Your Day in Detail

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Ok, you want detail, well there isn’t much that goes hand in hand with my day yesterday :)

First, I woke up at 9:47am and listened to this song! Which happens to be one of my favorites, and if you really want to know how my day was in great detail…you should listen and follow along on this uneventful day of summertime glory :)

Then, hmm let’s see….I watched the boob tube for a little while. Checked the blog stats to see that “you like me! you really like me!” And I still don’t understand the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”…how do you NOT know?! I don’t get it! As I was watching this trainwreck (because you can’t look away) I also noticed that the actors in the recreations ALWAYS look about a good 10 times more attractive than the actual people that are going through their story. HAHAHHA funny!

After getting bored and losing attention on these silly naiive women, I turned to youTube to entertain me with some good tuneage that I was too lazy to go set up my iPod to the iHome to listen to :) Hmmm, I think I will leave you with the first 2 I went to :)

ok…don’t murder me! But it’s catchy! And I just love the part where she’s like “Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight!”…so yeah, don’t hate!

I can’t WAIT for this to come out!!!!! Oct. 12th keep an eye out for the EP STITCHES by the great Pepper ;)

Then…hmmm, well yeah I farted around on facebook and twitter and youtube untill around 12:45 when my homeskillz came over to spend some quality summer time with me!

Yes, Megan (aka Yamma my Llamma) and I went to get a delicious boba treat, and then braved the (no joke) 107 degree sun to lay out and work on getting rid of my B Foundation rectangular sticker tan…which of course did not work! Since it was 107 degrees outside!!!! So instead we stood in the pool and chatted for a while. Then made our way inside to do one of our favorite activities…facebook creep and fantasize! You know you all facebook creep! Looking through peoples pictures, paroozing through their albums…no harm! hahaha
The fantasizing is a long story that started when Megan and I were bored out of our minds one night and didn’t want to study anymore…pretty sure it was probably dead week winter quarter! See Megan is in love with a certain Olympian, so we like to go through scenarios of what would happen if they ever bumped into each other! hahahha it’s always a huge tangent of lots of laughs :)

Then Yamma peaced out around 5, and I went back to lounging. Cleaned the dog’s ears, layed on the ground under the fan since it was FREAKING HOT outside, ate dinner, watched Big Brother, lounged some more and then went to bed around 11:30….
And my bedtime song of choice was this gem :) I mean how can you not smile when you listen to this amazing tune by 311? And don’t you wish Nick Hexum was singing just to you??? hahhha maybe not, but he is a FOX and this song is just calm, relaxing musical greatness :)

…and after that seranade, I was off into la la land for yet another day of 108 weather, lounging in the pool and listening to tunes :) You just have to LOVE summer and another month untill it’s back to the grind at Cal Poly SLO!


Day 18 – My Future Wedding

August 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

"dream, dream of you, I dream..."

Ok, so since I am at the ripe ‘ol age of 19, I don’t see myself getting married anytime soon! I mean at this point in my life, dealing with someone else full time just doesn’t work with being a full time student and someone who is still dependent on the Bank of Mom and Dad. I know it seems to be the trend of my fellow high school graduates, but at 19, I would really just like to stay a kid for a little while longer :)

But, this post is supposed to be about your future wedding, another type of fantasy blog, so follow me on this day dream….

It all starts with the guy. I would love to meet someone who is just the perfect ying to my crazy, high strung, sometimes neurotic yang. If he were a type of beach bum, someone who surfed, could play guitar, or was just straight up chill, I would be happy. And if he were to be from Hawaii, that would just be icing, since my DREAM wedding would be on a beach in Hawaii. But not just any beach where all the tourists flock to, no, I would want a wedding at a beach that was off the beaten trail, one that is only known to islanders and is quiet and as close to nature as Hawaii can provide :)

Now, the wedding. I only want a max of around 50 people. No wedding party, just a type of small, intimate gathering of all the important people in our lives. Also I would want either a close friend, or Mr. Right’s Mom or Pop to get ordained to perform the ceremony. Then both sets of parents are involved, and it makes the ceremoney that much more special.

The dress…shall be very cheap. I hate it when people get married on the beach and have some elaborate Vera Wang crazy wedding gown. Um I don’t know if you were aware, but you’re getting married on a beach! I want my dress to match the mood of “beach.” Probably strappless, and knee length so that when the waves slowly creep further and further to our feet during the ceremony that special dress you wear for a total of probably 5 hours won’t be ruined by the salty Hawaiin waters :)

The ceremony would end, the kiss would occur, and if my hubbs knew how to surf like a rockstar (meaning I would of course have learned how to surf since I’m also planning on knowing my hubbs for more than a couple of months…unlike some people I know getting married young to boyfriends of 6 months…but that’s superfluous) our entire wedding party of friends and family would take off their beachwear, grab a surf board, and ride some waves to celebrate the vowes that just went down :)

Isn’t day dreaming fun?!


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