Day 30 (BLOG CHALLENGE OWNED!!!) – A Dream For The Future

August 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chicka chicka yeah! OWNED this blog challenge!!!!

So let’s see now, a dream of mine for the future.

I can never really piece together all the things that I dream about for the future because it’s still hard for me to see the future. I still remember being in the 4th grade and thinking “oh my gosh, it’s going to be forever untill I turn 18 and go to college!”, or the thought that it would be FOREVER untill I could drive; but now the reality is, life goes by so fast!!!

I really don’t know what the future has to hold for me. I hope that no matter what happens I am happy and surrounded by people who LOVE me lots. I hope that in the future I get a job where (pay aside) I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work everyday. I hope that I find a chill perfect guy so I can go and have the (Day 18 of blog challenge) wedding of my dreams :)

…but in my head, I am now the 19 year old who is saying “IT’S GOING TO BE FOREVER untill any of those things happen!!!!”

So for now, I’m just going to enjoy my little humble, at times stressful, college life; and see what exactly life has in store for me :)
And you best believe I’ll be getting my groove on…I mean I have to ATTEMPT to match Tyler’s rad moves! hahahhaHAHAHAH



Day 29 – Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next 365 Days

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Here are some things I would like to accomplish within the next year:

  • I would love to make the Dean’s List again, at least one quarter in the upcoming school year
  • West Beach Music Festival with my Team Canada peeps in Santa Barbara
  • Go to more shows than last year! I want to see Iration, iLL Scarlett (maybe), Supervillains, The B Foundation (of course), Pepper, Anuhea, Passafire, and I would LOVE to see Tyrone Wells again, he is amazing!
  • Spring Break in Canada
  • Enjoy my weekends a lot more than I did last year
  • Really find out more about myself as a person (cheesy I know, but that’s what college is all about)
  • Get an internship for a hardware concentrating company
  • Try and get on board with a professor (Tina to be specific) to see if I could get in on any of her research projects for my future senior project, because she is the most inspiring professor I have had the pleasure of having since being in Cal Poly.
  • Hang out with Lindsay more often, I miss my birdie!
  • Laugh more than cry
  • I would LOVE to be able to be like the health nuts in SLO and run up to the top of Bishops

And finally, I just hope that this year is 10 times more fun than the previous :)


Day 28 – What is in Your Purse/Handbag

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Well, my bag is like a magical Mary Poppins bag. It usually has a ton of random stuff in it, but isn’t as crazy, rad awesome as usual because I cleaned it out recently.

So here it is, my Kathy bag:


 …and this is everything currently inside of it:

goodies, goodies, goodies :)

Lets see…there’s my wallet, with maybe one dollar inside of it and all of my credit cards and grocery store bonus card things, the little star pouch is actually filled with all of the concert ticket stubs I’ve gone to this summer (which I look to as good luck charms now), my camera..which if you tried to use you would be out of luck because the battery is on the charger, three pens and a pencil…because you could never have enough, a pack of 5 gum (my FAV! it’s the black gum…SO COOL!), Burt’s Bees sparkly chapstick, a hair tie, bobby pins, a couple bucks, and the sunglasses of the day…my B Foundation shades (the sunglasses usually rotate between that pair, a pink pair that has Pepper’s logo on the side, and a pair of faux ray bans from Urban with zebra print :)).

So there you have it! The great big bag of everything usually has more fun stuff inside, but there is pretty much nothing going on right now, so there isn’t much inside :)


Day 27 – Your Worst Habit

August 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

Before we get to this lovely topic of the 27th day of this blogging challenge, I thought I would share with all of you a song I am obsessed with!!!

It was like the Degrassi Boiling Point theme song. Ok, yes I do watch Degrassi, and it was INSANE! OMG I thought that the Vegas Night dance was going to end in another JT York slaying…phew…no worries, nobody died on the finale episode…in case you were wondering :)

Now onto my worst habit. My worst habit lies in my competitive nature. Growing up I was raised on sports. I played soccer and softball and always had a need to win. It was a healthy need, which actually shaped my personality today. I work my butt off in whatever I put my mind to, and naturally I have a hidden need/want/desire to be the best.

You’re probably thinking “why is this such a bad habit?” It’s motivating and pushes me to strive to be the best I can in every part of life…but the worst habit comes in when my competitive nature bleeds into remedial, stupid parts of life. Examples:

1) When I get my test scores back, I am like everyone else when I go to compare scores; but in the back of my head, everytime I score higher than someone I find satisfaction. Not a good thing. Especially when someone who seems to have studied half as hard as me whips out a score 1 point higher than mine…I play it off like it’s no big deal, but in my head I am truly PISSED!

2) When our phones were able to be upgraded my sister ordered the “newer” Droid that I didn’t want. It was going to take a month for it to physically get here, but I got my phone before her. I rubbed it in. Because I WON! I got my rad new phone before she did.

3) Schedule comparisons is the worst. When people ask “oh what does your class schedule look like” and I tell them my pretty intense heavy load, and then they reply with a lame schedule. One that includes Friday’s off, easier classes without fail rates, and nice blocks of timing. I’m not just jealous, I am infurriated! Especially when they later vent about how they are SO STRESSED by their classes. I’m sorry, but in my head, my classes are always harder, so if you’re going to vent your stuff better be around the same level of difficulty as mine.

It’s really quite ridiculous, mainly because it is over EVERYTHING! You name an activity, and I am going to want to be “better” than you. I blame it on sports! hahahahaHAHAHA


Day 26 – Your Week in Detail

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Seeing as I am still on summer vacay and everyone else is now back to school, my week was really quite boring. So to make this blog interesting, let’s pick a song to go with each day of the week, starting with last Friday (August 20th).

Friday – Saw The B Foundation again for round 2 in Santa Cruz! If youre friends with me on facebook, you should go check out all of the new pictures courtesy of Dave Hawes :) Song for Aug. 20th = “Go Away” by (you guessed it) The B Foundation

Saturday – Recovery from Santa Cruz with The B Foundaiton!

Sunday – Absolutely NADA! Besides watching the all day movie marathon on ABCFamily; composed of The Goonies, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. Very exciting I know!

Monday – I ran…the usual 2 mile route for the first time in like 4 days since I messed up something with my foot! F WORD!!! But the run went well for all of your (I’m sure) worried thoughts :)

Tuesday – Bought a new sports bra, mascara, and lip gloss at Target. You know it’s getting closer to school time when going to Target is the most memorable part of the day.

Wednesday – Mom made it official that we are making this a 2 year running tradition of going to Disney Land before dumping me off in SLO for another school year :) And of course, Yamma came and chilled with me out in the pool during another summer Rosevizzle day of 108 degree weather!

Thursday – Cleaned the dog’s ears, brushed the dog, downloaded Law Records free summer artist sampler ( went on a run, watched Big Brother, chatted with DAVE!!! AH-OOOOOOOOOH

Friday (aka Today) – Paroozed (I know I spelt it wrong…it was intentional :)) youtube finding some amazing songs to describe my past week in great detail for this rad little bloggity blog!

Good tunes right?! hahahaha


Day 25 – Your Day in Detail

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Ok, you want detail, well there isn’t much that goes hand in hand with my day yesterday :)

First, I woke up at 9:47am and listened to this song! Which happens to be one of my favorites, and if you really want to know how my day was in great detail…you should listen and follow along on this uneventful day of summertime glory :)

Then, hmm let’s see….I watched the boob tube for a little while. Checked the blog stats to see that “you like me! you really like me!” And I still don’t understand the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”…how do you NOT know?! I don’t get it! As I was watching this trainwreck (because you can’t look away) I also noticed that the actors in the recreations ALWAYS look about a good 10 times more attractive than the actual people that are going through their story. HAHAHHA funny!

After getting bored and losing attention on these silly naiive women, I turned to youTube to entertain me with some good tuneage that I was too lazy to go set up my iPod to the iHome to listen to :) Hmmm, I think I will leave you with the first 2 I went to :)

ok…don’t murder me! But it’s catchy! And I just love the part where she’s like “Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight!”…so yeah, don’t hate!

I can’t WAIT for this to come out!!!!! Oct. 12th keep an eye out for the EP STITCHES by the great Pepper ;)

Then…hmmm, well yeah I farted around on facebook and twitter and youtube untill around 12:45 when my homeskillz came over to spend some quality summer time with me!

Yes, Megan (aka Yamma my Llamma) and I went to get a delicious boba treat, and then braved the (no joke) 107 degree sun to lay out and work on getting rid of my B Foundation rectangular sticker tan…which of course did not work! Since it was 107 degrees outside!!!! So instead we stood in the pool and chatted for a while. Then made our way inside to do one of our favorite activities…facebook creep and fantasize! You know you all facebook creep! Looking through peoples pictures, paroozing through their albums…no harm! hahaha
The fantasizing is a long story that started when Megan and I were bored out of our minds one night and didn’t want to study anymore…pretty sure it was probably dead week winter quarter! See Megan is in love with a certain Olympian, so we like to go through scenarios of what would happen if they ever bumped into each other! hahahha it’s always a huge tangent of lots of laughs :)

Then Yamma peaced out around 5, and I went back to lounging. Cleaned the dog’s ears, layed on the ground under the fan since it was FREAKING HOT outside, ate dinner, watched Big Brother, lounged some more and then went to bed around 11:30….
And my bedtime song of choice was this gem :) I mean how can you not smile when you listen to this amazing tune by 311? And don’t you wish Nick Hexum was singing just to you??? hahhha maybe not, but he is a FOX and this song is just calm, relaxing musical greatness :)

…and after that seranade, I was off into la la land for yet another day of 108 weather, lounging in the pool and listening to tunes :) You just have to LOVE summer and another month untill it’s back to the grind at Cal Poly SLO!


Day 24 – Where I Live

August 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Being a third year engineering student…the whole “where I live” thing is a double home standard. I have 2 homes where I live, the first being my parents house in Roseville, California.


Roseville is like any hometown, pretty boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s truly the safest place to grow up and has lots of great stuff for the crowd under 10; but let’s just say that there is a definite reason why everyone wants to get the F out of dodge when it comes time to picking a college. And that is exactly what I did! Located 5 1/2 hours away on the central coast of California, Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo is the perfect college town, and I absolutely LOVE going to school and living in SLO!

I <3 SLO!

Tucked away behind Bishops and surrounded by other hike-able little mountains, SLO is nothing but a downtown shopping area and Cal Poly’s campus…littered with housing developments that are almost all filled with students. Plus the beach is a whopping 5 minutes away on the freeway, and it is almost always 80 degrees outside :)

So in summation, my two homes are amazing! Gotta love life :)


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