Song of The Day!

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Getting criticism from some (douchbags) for sounding too similar to the crazy little punk band that goes by the name of Green Day, I say…F all those hating losers! This song is amazazing!

My favorite track, hands down off of their new album Postcard From Paradise, The Supervillains are freaking awesome! And if you know me, you know exactly what my favorite part of the song is….hahaha

It’s one of those parts when you just make a goofy face, some arm gestures to get into the rastaman mood, and shout out in your deepest “eh brah” voice possible “WELL I’M STUCK IN THE MIDDLE, IN THE MIDDLE I’M STUCK!”

Yup, just from that part of the song, I was hooked :)

So enjoy The Supervillains awesomeness that is currently blasting through my headphones! Love this band, and love love LOVE this song :)


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