“Never Trust a Fool That You Never Said a Word To…”

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, here I am again, and still quite confuzzled by this band. As a follow up to the post I made about the leaked song “Miss You” by The Holdup, this post is dedicated to the new gem of awesomeness that they have put out called “Looks Is Deceiving.”

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Mostly because it speaks to the rasta, grooving, hair shaking part of my soul that always shines when a sick reggae track caresses my eardrums…ahhhh so nice :)

If the world of hip hop and the world of reggae were to have a baby, this song would be the lovechild. It is just amazing. But again I am left totally confused by The Holdup…

The majority of their songs hit the more poppy sound than reggae, and if you were even to ask them how they would classify their sound, they would say pop….but this my friends is not pop! Not in any form of the word! Pop is Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, artists who secretly whisper sex and the truth about relationships and the cycle of love into their lyrics….The Holdup DOES NOT DO THAT!

Mr. Garmany’s whinny lyrics perfectly fit into the weird (good weird, not bad weird) world of reggae, their lyrics don’t try and nicely say how a boy’s mind works. Their honesty, catchy lyrics, and (HELLO) reggae vibes have put them into a category that they just can’t get out of! YOU ARE A REGGAE BAND! In every song you can hear hints of Mr. Marley’s steevy melodies, hypnotizing dub beats, and all around positive energy…well as long as the song isn’t centered at saying F YOU to an ex.

So, in conclusion to my Holdup rant of the century trying to figure out what type of mythical musical monster they are, I am still confused. If those boys ever get out of the reggae business, it will be a sad day for the world of reggae! They have that unique interesting extra something to keep us fans on our feet. Their melodies and lyrical masterpieces are the perfect thing to not only expand the image of reggae music to more than dreadlocks and weed, but they also keep all of our musical bubbles open to expand.

Expand so that they don’t get boring and stagnant listening to the same song over and over, just mixed differently by different bands. Expand so that the reggae souls wandering this world can give pop a second chance, and so the anti reggae people out there can give reggae another chance. EXPAND!!!! Expand your minds, and keep them open so that if you are stuck in a rasta bubble you can give a new genre and new sound another chance and vise versa for the anti-reggae generation.

I love The Holdup…but they still keep me completely confused….literally, I think this new album (Still Gold, out on iTunes on April 26thd) is going to be an epic orgy of every single genre in music; creating something that we have all truly never heard before.

Keep on Keepin’ on and producing amazing tracks guys!…but can you just pick a genre? haha or at least the “majority” genre so that I can explain what the F you are to people with a little more intelligence? Because as of now the convo goes:

“What is The Holdup’s sound all about?”
–“To tell you the truth, I have no clue…but they’re awesome!”



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