“We’re Dancin’ Like We’re Dumb-Dumb-Du-Du-Du-DUMB!” ~ Crazy Hot Mess They Call Ke$ha

January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

So, I swear I don’t usually blog on this constant of a basis, but this here diddy had to be done! My mom was looking through old pictures for my little sister’s yearbook add since she is a big bad senior this year. If your high school was/is anything like mine was, every year the senior parents pay a hefty price to post some embarrassingly adorable baby pictures in the back of the yearbook along with a sweet message that always follows the form of “blah blah blah so proud blah blah blah good luck blah blah blah we know nothing but good things are in your future! Congrats Grad!” Well when we get closer to this momentous milestone in my little sister’s life I will be sure to write her a cheeseballin’ diddy on this here blog because yearbooks can catch on fire but the internet and this here blog will be here forever; but that is besides the point!

When looking through the old baby face pictures my sister sent me copies of her favorites, and well I just have to share them because damn…we were adorable little nuggets, and these made me smile today after 6 (count them 6!) hours of lab and having to listen to a recorded lecture on Y-Y Mulitphase Balanced Phases. So…

Step 1: Press play and join me in a good giggle at these baby face good memories of the good ‘ol days! Back when Barney was way cooler than Jersey Shore, and matching stretchy pants outfits were what all the popular kids in the sandbox were wearing :)

Me holding my little sushi roll :) Her words, not mine

Cute floral outfit Court, nice chubbs Kim! hahahaha

Pink Jellyz Sandals and White Lacy Socks...Classy Stuff Right There

First: I look like a little boy! Second: that face is "Jesus Mom put your camera away! I'm just feeding her!" Kim looks like she is thinking "why the HELL did they give her the bottle! Please find a more compitent feeder!" oh the good old days

Kimi is rocking the super CHEESE smile and I am a little more interested in my sippy cup and whatever is on my Little Mermaid Plate :)

I got my little sister at WalMart :) Best purchase I've ever made!



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